Arrest CSB over torch relay?


President Chen Shui-bian (陳水扁) yesterday dared the Taipei mayor to arrest him over his government’s plan to hold a torch relay to promote its UN membership bid, which the city administration insists is illegal.

“The torch relay from Oct. 24 to Nov. 3 is absolutely legal and I will be the first to carry the torch,” Chen said. “If the Taipei City Government thinks the event is illegal, it can go ahead and arrest me.”[/quote]

I wasn’t aware Taiwan is hosting the Summer Olympics next year. So good to see Taiwan rising above partisan politics.

Why didn’t they just apply for a license?

That is a very good question. I believe the logic is that since Ma is alleged to have filed his application late for his “bicycle tour” campaign, which was approved. CSB feels that being President he should do one better, and not need any license at all. It is about face. How can a WSR who is not even President get better treatment than a BSR President in the capital Taipei? Wants to make a BSR move the capital to Tainan, where they know how to treat WSR and BSR properly…

This rivalary between CSB and MYJ have been going on for sometime now, ever since MYJ won the mayorship of Taipei over CSB supported DPP candidate.

The DPP’s classifying it as an “athletic event” as opposed to a political event, which would require application.

I was disgusted reading in the paper this weekend about the remarks from both Chen and Ma, playing their petty little games, Chen asking how come Hau got to ride a bicycle and we can’t run with a torch, and Ma saying sorry no permit, no can do, both coyly pretending the whole matter was something other than what it really is, when in truth it’s just one more butting heads over Taiwan’s same old tired political issue, apparently the only political issue in this country.

I’d rather see them throwing cell phones and bien dangs at each other – at least it’s more honest than this totally phoney battle of coy dishonesty, pretending their disagreement is something other than what it is.

They’re all a bunch of irritating little children.

And they are spoiled.

[quote]Taipei, Oct. 23 (CNA) The Taipei city government has approved a parade and public assembly application by the organizers of a nationwide U.N. bid torch relay slated to kick off Oct. 24 in the city.

The application was filed Monday afternoon by the Chinese Taipei Road Running Association (CTRRA) on behalf of the Sports Affairs Council (SAC),

Although it is usually required that such an application be filed at least six days beforehand, the department nevertheless gave favorable consideration to the case and granted the permit Monday night for the holding of the event,

As the event will not include any rallies, the organizers are not required to apply for a right-of-way permit from the city government or put forth any traffic control plans, he said, adding that the department will dispatch police to maintain order and assist with traffic control along the way, he said. [/quote]

Ok, so all is well now, right?

Damn and here I was all ready to see CSB taken away in cuffs… :laughing:

Nah, he would have loved that, create a scene, make the opposition look bad.