Arrests in US Birth Tourism - Only Chinese though

Good news, bad news. Good that the US is finally cracking down on this practice. Bad news that the DOJ has ignored every report I’ve made about Taiwanese companies doing the same over the past 15 years!

Birth Tourism Arrest

It’s a stupid law. I hope they change it. People are just taking the privileges of being american without any responsibility of it.

What’s the responsibility of it?

I thought all those businesses were run by Taiwanese, exploiting Chinese ppl’s money lol.

Contributing to the country from voting and having political opinions to working and contributing to the economy. Willingness to protect the constitution and defend the country and the people.

People just want that US passport without doing anything for the country.


Any. Proposal for alternative to the birthright citenzenship way? I agree with the law of that but agree its abused.

Alternatively other free natipns like taiwan have deported those that have lived their entire lives here without voting rights or ability to buy land. And we are considered relatively free in taiwan. See history with japanese that had children here or the numbers of foreign people born here that cannot hold citizenship after becomming adults unless giving up their other countires passport. Though their classmates and friemds whoe are pure blood can openly become said nationality without any consequence. Which system is better overall? Or is there another system on the table?

So many alternatives, the most obvious one is to give them permanent residency, instead of outright citizenship, if neither parent is a US citizen.

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Seems logical. What if they are born and raised there but parents are on arc equivelent status?

If you are born there and raised ther, whole life there, do you not deserve citizenship?

Voting is especially important not just land rights and inheritance.

I like taiwans 6 months per year in a country to be eligible for xyz. But not as a continuous for life maintenance program…plus if i pay taxes, work live and basically do everything here why am i not allowed to vote or buy real estate to live. As an immigrant myself (in taiwan) i support the us law on this one but maybe be a bit like canada and take away social services if not a resident (but still a citizen). If i go back to canada i dont get health care. I have to go back and be a resident for 3 months to become eligible ahain. This greatly reduces tourist style abuse. Could be improved but seems more realistic and fair.

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They won’t be permanent residents forever (permanently?) they can become citizens if they live there long enough, pay taxes and don’t commit any crimes, just like all other immigrants. Except they have already overcome the first hurdle which will give them many rights and make the road to citizenship that much smoother. For example Trump’s travel ban initially included green card (US permanent residency) holders but the courts found this part illegal as it infringed on permanent residents’ rights.
Also the differentiating citizenship from residency idea makes a lot of sense. Didn’t know Canada did that as well, thought its just a Taiwan thing.

In different ways i suppose. I think the issue is rights vs responsibilities. Especially how canada requires income tax payment even if overseas. Im not sure the exact legalities on that one BUT during our last prime ministers reign, harper, there was a period i wasnt even allowed to vote federally as a citizen while not residing in canada. I have land and houses there and am charged a lot for taxes. They want me to pay income tax on any income made in taiwan ad well, all the while no social benefits until i become a resident (this point i agree with) and i have to pay taxes in 2 countries while getting to vote in niether country. Hows that for a double standard! This situation is bullshit even from the most left swinging club.

I think the voting issue was overturned. I voted in the last election but still dont have health care when back visiting (fair). But it shows how far they push things. Get pushed further in other nations.

Anyway, back on point. If a peraon is born and raised in a country i agree they are rightfully citizens. Work on the foreign tourist abusing the law, but abolishing the law altogether is a slippery slope that leads nowhere good.

But to play fence sitter. With numbers in regard to the US im curious hpw much of a negative this has. Canadas big problem seems to be a lack of immigration. So those very strict laws meant to protect our people have caused us to have little industry outside of natural reaources. And due to entitled princesses, aka our workforce, we must import fpreign stuff and all our local stuff (natural resources, agriculture etc) can only be done wholesale. Tbis has led to massive environmental disaster on a big scale. From huge deforestation, to tar sands to ocean depletion etc. Its not cheap to get things done there so it has to bedone on really big scale which almost always takes huge tole on things. Ironically its the leftists that caused it indirectly especially through union mayhem. There is a balance that needs to be made. And hurting basic decency and human rights isnt the answer. Much the same as whatever we call canadas cultural system is too extreme.

Kind of like the states thing on second ammendment. Might be good not selling guns to murderers. Might also be good allowing guns as governmemts tend to have gang mentality. There should be a balance on all sides. Seems to me that the citizenship thing shouldnt be touched and a residency style thing might be appropriate. Lets be honest, no tourist is going to the states for health care or education unless they are rich and paying out of pocket for first class services anyway…even they know that.

Its a passport and land thing mostly. Allow the passport, tax the real estate for non residing pieces. Easy.