🛬 Arrival | Bring CBD oil to Taiwan?

Weird that China bans poppy seeds but are so big on using fentanyl…

You can buy it here on Shopee.
I would risk it thru’ an airport.

I’m not sure if you can buy these online without a doc’s prescription…? Google translation from one of those websites:

Notes for Taiwan customers:
Before purchasing CBD products, please read the following items

  1. I confirm that the CBD products are only for the purchaser’s personal use, and the purchaser will not resell or give this product to others

  2. I have obtained hygienic At the same time that the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Welfare approves the import application for personal self-use drugs
    , the purchaser should complete the following applications:

  3. I have completed the “Personal Self-use Drug Import Application” at the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare.

  4. I have downloaded the EZ WAY APP and completed the real-name authentication to ensure that the package can be imported to Taiwan smoothly.

my impression is, if it is medicine, you need a prescription, and if it is a supplemental food or cosmetic, you don’t need. and all CBD products sold in Taiwan may be illegal. you could ask MOHW or custom.