🛬 Arrival | Bring CBD oil to Taiwan?

I’ll come to Taiwan in July. Is it legal to bring 10% CBD oil with me (no prescription)?

No. Keep any and all marijuana products out of Taiwanese airports if you value your freedom.

Ensure your clothes are extra scrubbed and clean because you don’t want to be on the receiving end of a positive test for Marijuana on clothes and suitcases.

You can buy CBD in the country though legally.



Dont do it, too risky.


Have you bought any products from that store? I’m thinking about buying the “Relaxing” oil, but I would like to know if anybody has tried their products before.

I have not. I prefer CBD’s younger and cooler sibling experiencing a legal exile away from Taiwan.


Hahaha thank you! I’ll share my experience here if I end up getting it then.

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Thailand first Asian country to fully open cannabis market


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I was looking into this and I’m not sure if I understand it. You say it is NOT legal in Taiwan, however those shops sell in Taiwan?

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Welcome to Taiwan.

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Yea it seems you can’t sell it as food or cosmetic use, but it’s not illegal…

So you sell it as… What?

This is what my sources suggest, but importing and possessing are two very different things.

Alcohol is legal in Taiwan, but you cannot import more than five litres.

Cannabis is legal in Canada but Canada continues to prohibit export and import of the drug.

Secondly, my post does not say it’s illegal in Taiwan.

According to this website. CBD is LEGAL in Taiwan as long as the THC content is below 10ppm and it’s NOT a controlled substance.



if CBD is contained in cosmetic, it is illegal. Cannabis sativa seed oil is ok.


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the article in 2022 says so, but i dont find CBD in
the Prohibited ingredient list for cosmetics.

it was in the draft of the list, but disappeared from the published one.

I misunderstood it. it is not because cbd is listed as a prohibited ingredient, but because it is not listed as an allowed ingredient. iiuc, when the ingredient is not listed as an allowed one, you need to get a permission to use it.

Announcement No. 0940306865 of the former Department of Health of the Executive Yuan on April 21, 1994


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Without a license.

Try importing poppy seeds for baking, even roasted.

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Poppy seeds contain opium

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