✈ Arrival | Kaohsiung arrival is fast now+KLM Asia

Flew into KHH, was out the door within 20 minutes, biggest hold up was waiting for baggage. Cathy Pacfic into KHH from Helsinki-Vantaan lentoaseman , via Amsterdam Schiphol and Hong Kong. Transfer time in HKG was one hour, just enough time with some help staff meeting me at the arrival. Flights from Europe into HKG seem busy, mine was what seemed half full with Dutch people going as far New Zealand, so allow some time for Hong Kong transfers with you also have to security unlike the Euro Airports on transfers. Also still have Q Taxis, need fill out form before you get the Taxi (Where your going, your arrival Airline so keep boarding pass and contact phone number, they prefer Chinese address not sure if you did have it they would search it.). Was thinking of MRT, but with luggage used Taxi and not sure if MRT is an option. They cleaned my bags (spray) before and after the Taxi ride as well my shoes haha, with a spray.

Also will upload KLM asia airplane photos, interesting they still use this brand. I did not fly them but saw two airplanes at AMS airport.

Cathay Pacific staff inflight quite nice, on my last flight into KHH< had nice chat with the flight attendant about Hong Kong life now. Also Finnair, which I had six flights within last two weeks, staff quite nice.

Last, local snacks back home, and good news from one of the free four tests


Very nice of you to salute @finley in your post. :grin:



Hope he has tried the drink

Nicer lounge in Europe is Fin Air, combo FinAir Cathay Pacific flight, I prefer Helsinki lounges over Hong Kong, very nice bar


I have always liked flying on Fin Air to Hel.

If someone tells me to “Go to Hel,” and that lounge is where I’d end up, I’d say “OK!” :grin:


Well if I ended up there for eternity I would be a bit disappointed, a lot less debauchery than was advertised in the brochure.

I need to fly in/out of KHH at least once. I’ve only ever done TPE and TSA.

Good if your in Southern Taiwan, otherwise no need use airports in the South as fewer flights, though KHH is linked to public transport, better than Tainan’s airport