🛬 Arrival | SIM card upon landing

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Arriving in Taiwan visa-free next Saturday from Australia - (return) tickets booked, quarantine hotel booked but no SIM card. I want to make sure I’ve completed all necessary forms before I arrive, and hopefully this post will help the inevitable wave of people asking similar things since the announcement of visa-free entry.

Sorry if this has been asked, feel free to just send me to the right thread :+1:



You do NOT need a Taiwan SIM to complete the Quarantine System for Entry.
When you arrive there’ll be nearly a dozen happy Chunghwa Telecom workers panting to take your credit card and score another 30-day customer with an all-you-can-eat data download SIM card.

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10 days 500 TWD unlimited data (2 months ago). Easy to buy after you arrive.

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After you get off the Aircraft and before you get to Immigration etc, you will be faced with 2 lines - 1 for those with a Taiwan SIM Card in their phone, and which was recorded when they filled out the form before departure … and another for those who dont have one, and left the phone no box blank, in which case you get directed to a separate line where you part with some money to buy one. Just means it takes longer, depending on how many others arrived at that time.

Assuming you arrive in the pre-dawn hours, the line wont take long.


Good to know they still operate pre-dawn! Thanks.

Has anyone recently arrived at TPE airport and knows how much 30 days unlimited Chungwha 4g SIM card costs and if they also allow unlimited roaming, since I would basically only use it for roaming/working (home internet is slow and for 2 months I don’t wanna buy any fiber).

Also is there any possibility to check a providers network speed within an apartment, without actually being there? :joy:
I’m certain the answer is no, but maybe chungwha has a better/worse network coverage than the others? Does it depend on the location? The apt is around Shuanglian MRT.

The costs seems to be around NT$1000 for 30 days which is ok. But is roaming included in the unlimited plan? I can’t find proper information about it. Otherwise I have to ask at the airport.

One last try, since I arrive soon: Anyone knows if the unlimited 30 days sim card from the airport allow unlimited hotspot usage without decreasing speed after a certain limit?


The unlimited data thing from the airport allows unlimited 4G use.

I don’t know about their wifi hotspot.

You can ask the guy at the counter when you buy the sim card about hotspots.

I do not think the prepaid sim card comes with roaming.

At least for CHT the hotspot (tethering) volume is limited. For my 15day unlimited 4G card from the airport I was told there’s a 5GB limit on tethering.

Edit: sorry, probably the above is wrong and only 5G limits tethering

@Taiwan_Luthiers why do you even answer if you have no idea? Nothing in this question is about roaming.

A few questions back by the same poster he asked about roaming.

Oh, my bad. I meant hotspot tethering not roaming.

Oh shit, really. Then I have to ask them and hope they know it. Thanks!

They do not discriminate on 4G

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Edited above: sorry, it seems what they told me was wrong, and only 5G prepaid airport SIM cards limit tethering. The 4G version seems to offer unlimited tethering.

You can get the details by clicking the 4G and 5G offers on this CHT website:



Regarding prepaid SIMs from ChungHwa, the webpage has this statement:

“Plus free CHT Wi-Fi access all around Taiwan”.

Does anyone know how that really works (where are routers typically, how to log on, etc)?