🛬 Arrivals | Early morning or afternoon/evening arrivals for long-haul flights?

It seems like the vast majority of flights to Taiwan from North America leave around midnight and arrive at Taipei at 5 to 6 in the morning. I personally love this, because I sleep very well on such flights, so I can hit the ground running as soon as I arrive. It’s basically an extra day in Taiwan, compared to if I leave the next day in the afternoon and arrive at night in Taipei (only United flights leave in the afternoon, at least from San Francisco).

Yet, I know people who absolutely hate this arrangement. If you can’t sleep too well, then you’ll arrive miserable and groggy, yet it’s too early to check in to your hotel unless you booked an extra night.

I’m curious what are your thoughts on this?


I just try to avoid having to fly too early, say, any point before late afternoon, because I’m a night person anyway and that invariably means I’ll be staying up all night organizing stuff before dragging my hypercaffeinated self to the airport while desperately just wanting to sleep. I don’t sleep very well on flights anyway, and I don’t much care about arriving late in the day in a place (I wouldn’t intend to do much that day anyway, and can always stay a day longer if necessary).

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Opposite. I cant sleep in upright uncomfortable chairs. I want to arrive late evening, eat, shower, wind down and sleep to try and get rhythm in check. I envy you guys that ca sleep on planes! I am usually 72 hours no sleep and wired for the week. if going opposite time zones.


It doesn’t bother me either way. Get on the plane. Have 6 double Scotches. Drop a 10mg valium. Sleep. Never had jet-lag.
The snoring probably irritates the people next to me, though.


Doesn’t matter to me. I can always hear @jimipresley snoring from a few rows over.


They might prefer it to their second guess.

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so long as the snorers dont mind being woken up to shut up, all good. They can be dealt with, unlike babies which are innocent :innocent:

For me it doesn’t matter what time of day I arrive, I feel discombobulated for the first few days regardless. And doesn’t seem to matter whether I sleep for 10 hours of the flight or not at all, I feel like crap and my sleep schedule is messed up for days either way.

From the departure point of view though, I love the after midnight departure. No getting up early to rush to the airport, instead you have all day for final shopping and packing, get a run or hike or workout in, go out and have a nice dinner with friends, have a few drinks or whatnot, and make your way to the airport at the end of the day, exhausted and ready to sleep on the flight.


Best for me always leaving late at night and landing in the early morning.

Going to Europe it works very well on me, feeling just sleepy earlier than normal for a few days, but during the day I’m good.

Coming back always a bit harder since flights usually leave at noon and land here early morning. So I need a week not to have a midday nap to register on the time zone.

Absolutely hate the London flights from here since they leave early morning and land in the evening. No clue

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When I go back to Australia I always prefer the overnight options.
I usually fly via KL or Singapore so I try to get a mid-late afternoon flight to Singapore/KL, down a few drinks and dinner at the airport lounge, get a flight around midnight from there, sleep on the plane and arrive in Australia in the morning

Depends where I’m going. I’ve found that flying to Europe with a landing in the early morning leaves me with almost no jetlag. However another trick I’ve discovered - and I’m wondering why I never thought of it before - is to select one of those flights with a stupid long layover at a midpoint. These are often a lot cheaper than direct-connection flights, so you can spend a bit of money on a nice hotel, get a meal, a shower, and a good night’s sleep, and then get back onto the (next) plane bright as a button. Obviously, this only really works well if the layover period fits approximately with what your body clock says is “night time”.

Few large glasses of red wine 2 anti histamine tablets (loratadine) 2 herbal sleeping tablets.
Night flight sleep like a log.



Phenergan (spelling?) works well too but I can never find it in Taiwan

:joy: you’re like me. I’ll just get a beer instead. I always bring a Valium for flights and jet lag to help me sleep.

I travel often and late night or early morning flights are usually cheaper so I go for those.

Me I get tipsy at the lounge and I shower, then on the flight beer/wine as much as I can, a good shit, then sweet dreams. So far never used any pills.


A big part of this arrival time slot is so pax can hit onward connections to PRC or SEA that take off around 9am-10am.

EVA has a solid connection business to Thailand during the christmas travel season.

Most flights to Europe leave at night to arrive in the morning and turnaround to leave in the afternoon to Asia. I guess it’s just a way to maximize flights and profit. No way to prefer anything.

Flights from Taiwan to the US at night have the advantage that you have twice breakfast the same day.

I always keep reminding myself that not being able to sleep on the plane is just the result of me saving lots of money by not buying a business class ticket and paying for one of these fancy lie-down chairs :whistle:

On the original topic: I try to book flights that leave in the afternoon or evening - then I don’t need to get up early or think about how to get to the airport in the really early morning…