Art - Life Drawing Classes

Anyone who has studied art, will have at some point in their life had the strange yet wonderful experience of drawing the naked form. The first time my art teacher brought in a ‘life model’ for my classmates and I to draw was when I was sixteen. It was slightly awkward at first, but after the umpteenth time, it had become the only thing we really wanted to draw.

Does anyone know if there are any workshops or open-studios that have life-drawing sessions that are open to interested artists? Somewhere I can turn up with my paper and pencil and spend a few hours sketching.

I’m not a pervert (well, I am, but in different ways), this is a real genuine need for artistic expression.

If you speak chinese, you may want to try asking along Heping rd near Shi Da. Plenty of art stores there, and I’m certain you’ll find what you want.

Have fun!

Right. There are some private art schools upstairs above shops on Heping Road. There is one right by the MRT exit on the north side of the road. I think the ground floor is a furniture shop. There is another one near the market exit and bus stops on the south side of the road. It is above or nearby the Halal butcher.