Art supplies - glassworking?

I’m trying to find out if I can buy glassworking supplies (specifically, lampworking – not making lamps, but using a torch (“lamp”) to melt glass together) anywhere in Taipei. I can live with Effetre Moretti glass (Italian brand), but I’d much rather have access to borosilicate (Pyrex, Kimax, Northstar, etc.).

A google search turned up mention of a few art fairs that American artists had exhibited in, but no suppliers. The closest I found was this photo of a lampworker making carnival glass animals at a festival in Taipei: … 0000018798

Anyone know? This “vendor” was doing it, so the stuff must be available somewhere, although it’s possible s/he was importing supplies (I’ve heard it’s becoming a popular art form in Japan).

Also, will I need a guarantor to rent an industrial oxygen cylinder and a propane tank? :slight_smile:

(And thanks again, Doug/Kenny!)

Taiwanese boro isn’t good quality for the most part. I get glass from the States and carry it back with me (cut the Effetre/Moretti into 3 lengths of about a foot each; most places will cut it for you, which is a good idea if you buy thick-walled tubing or something in a larger diameter of boro.)

Usually I use Sundance in California. I’ve gotten some stuff from Wale Apparatus in PA too if I’m shipping to NY.

Have you used the new Lauscha clear everyone is raving about?? It’s Moretti-compatible and supposedly doesn’t bubble or scum like the Moretti clear…?? :smiley:

If you hear of a source in Taiwan let me know…

I’d love to see some of your lampwork beads sometime.

maybe you can go on here and ask if the web master knows where to get the stuffs u need

You might try asking Sunny Wang, who teaches glasswork in Banqiao. sunnyeye AT

Or call the Xinzhu Glass Museum at (03) 562-6091. The museum offers classes, so someone there should know about acquiring the materials you’re looking for.