Arts Discussion Forum, Anyone?

BTW, why don’t we ask Gus to set up an Art Forum here. With everything going on in Taiwan (dance, painting, photography, ceramics, etc) I think it would be great. Anyway, the discussions would be more interesting (to me) than about which bushiban sucks the most.[/quote]

Now THERE’S a good idea! Perhaps it could somehow be linked to the “events” calendar? I’m going to post this message in the feedback forum Blueface, if you don’t mind.

i third fourth and fifth that suggestion…put my vote in for an arts discussion.


Wouldn’t that (discussion of The Arts) be covered by the Culture and History Fourm (which is hardly too busy). Or if was more about arts events happening in Taiwan, that could be covered by the events forum. That said, I’m not opposed to an Arts forum as such, but it might leave Culture and History with little to do.


Thanks, Brian.

Yes, any and all such posts would be very welcome in the Culture and History forum. And there’s the Events forum as well for notices. :sunglasses:

Sorry Mark! :blush: :blush: :blush: