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I’m not going to stand here and debate why my posts and responses were torn to shreds in the Dating and Relationships forum but I would like to know why they were dumped.

I felt as if they were a point of view that was honest and true. There are people with the same experiences and some that don’t but I don’t understand why the Mod in that forum thought it was necessary to enforce such one sided morality on the issue.

There was support for what I had written/stated and of course there were people who were disgusted. None the less, I felt as if it was revealing of myself to share and now I’ve been dumped to the curb like common trash. Is that what you think of me? I bloody well hope not.

I’d like to think that I bring something completely different to these forums and there is no reason why I shouldn’t be able to share my experiences without being thrown in the bin like that.

Of course there are lines to be drawn but in the cases of my “Sick of Sex” thread and “Strobe Light/Vampire Hoes”, I felt as if I brought something raw to the discussion and that it shouldn’t be shot down in such a patronizingly superior manner. IMO, It should have been looked upon as points to ponder.

Have a nice day. :fume:

There is more than one mod in the forum in question. I temped one bit and my fellow mod temped the rest. I wasn’t sure what to do with some of the posts in question. I left them because they were posted in the period BT (before Toasty). Somebody else later decided to temp the sections I was unsure about and I support that decision. The thread they were removed from is large and full of off-topic meanderings. Don’t assume your stuff was tempted solely because of morality concerns.

Also, why take offence to posts being moved to the temp forum? Does everything one writes here have to become part of permanent record? Is it not possible to make your points and have your fun and then simply have the thread fade out after a few weeks?

Simple answer to your concern is that your posts were moved because they don’t fit, for whatever reason, in the thread in which they were posted.

If you’re having trouble with the work load then may I suggest you find someone else who would be willing to help out in that forum.

Thank You for your response. :sunglasses:

[quote=“M0NSTER”]If you’re having trouble with the work load then may I suggest you find someone else who would be willing to help out in that forum.

Thank You for your response. :sunglasses:[/quote]

No problems with the workload, mate. :slight_smile: The forum is being effectively moderated, IMO.

Do consider what I said about the temp forum. It isn’t the common trash. The name of the forum was changed recently to remove any such negative stigmas. Think of it more as a free for all where you can post off-topic comments, fun and silliness. Also, consider it has a huge readership. Your post may get more attention there than in the thread/ forum you placed it originally.

One further request, MONSTER. Could you change the title of this thread? Maybe something like “Dating and Relationship Moderating” or something similar will give people a better idea of what is being discussed here (and also ensure this thread doesn’t vanish) :wink:

:thumbsup: Edit: Thanks for the title change.