Asia Pacific Broadband Telecom

My experience with Asia Pacific Broadband Telecom:
The deal was for 999NT plus around 1000NT for the install and the first three months (so 333 per month). We got the bill for the next three months and it works out to a little over 800NT per month. No one ever told us that the monthly payments would go up. It is not stated in the fine print on the back of the initial contract.

I realize now I was naive to believe that 333NT would be the normal per month charge, but again, things were never made clear to us. I think the present rate is fair, and still cheaper than what we would pay in the US. I just don’t understand that way of doing business and treating customers.

Welcome to Taiwan!!!


I am with Eastern Broadband Telecom…and I had the same charges, $2000NT, with $1000NT install, $1000 for first 3 months and than $800nt/month.

I also was never told about the rate change and even the different levels of bandwidth offered, but it was my neighbour who called da internet people for me since I dunno Chinese. Granted, mine is cable modem, I am not sure if U R talking about ADSL or cable internet.

I also don’t mind as its cheaper than in Canada. Perhaps its stated on their website? Have you checked their website? Usually they have promotions on their website and when ppl call to say they want the service perhaps the sales ppl just assume U R ordering off their sales sites…,

You have to be really careful with the sales here, read the fine print, even my friends who are born in Taiwan and obviously completely fluent in the language still get tricked by the telecom and general merchandise sales scams so don’t feel U R alone :sunglasses:

there is something of an obsession with upfront costs here. That’s not just true in cellphones, or internet, it’s also true in mortgages, etc…

So I always ignore upfront offers, and try to find out the REGULAR cost after the promotion is over. Anything less is a bonus.

ALWAYS ask for the full pricing informaiton. If you don’t get it, walk away.