Asian American communities stand up amid string of violent attacks

really, so statistics about attacks on Asians in the US are made up by the Chinese?


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It will be hard to trust data from 2020 until now. There’s too much politics involved.

so on what basis have you determined that attacks on Asian Americans aren’t real?

There is still real racism just as there always has been. It’s just amplified now with extra noise. It’s a pile on tactic - we see this all the time, applied to anything, anytime, anywhere, when there’s an agenda that’s trying to be driven.

I see you have nothing to say even after me defaulting to your definition of majority and have to keep pressing it.

Even if we put the unknown 14% into Asian on Asian 24%, it’s still 38% and well below other racial groups intra racial violent crime rates.

62.1% white on white.
70.2% black on black
45.4% Hispanic on Hispanic.

So obviously, there is an issue that should be addressed.

It is also worth noting 70.2% of violent crime being black on black is also something we should address. That’s well above the definition of majority we’ve defaulted to per your request.

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I find this statement odd. I am Taiwanese and not like the mainland goverment, but it’s hard for me understand how China has any control over American media reporting this (If it was a China newsgroup I would not of posted). As Taiwanese being travel or working overseas I had some small racial issues (nothing like in the video) so I can think this is very good news reported and should be not hidden like in China.

I thought I said it already, but If you want to hear it again: it sounds like thinly veiled race baiting, starting with the misrepresentation of 27.5% of violent crimes by blacks as a ‘majority’ of crimes against asians. But if you want more details given your follow-up:

That asian on asian crime is low, resulting in higher proportions of x on asian crime seems the opposite of a problem - it’s not like we want asian on asian crime to spike to more typical numbers such that black on asian crime ends up being closer to the other numbers? Right. So you’ll have to explain why it’s so obvious there’s an issue that needs to specifically be addressed (vs a general need to address crime) based on those percentages.

You also tossed all the unknown races into the asian category, and didn’t seem to even consider that those unknowns, plus the reporting based on victims perception (vs arrests / convictions), seems to introduce a huge margin of error that could easily make white on asian crimes more prevalent than black on asian crimes, so why is it “obvious” black on asian crime is something that needs to be called out, but there’s hardly a peep about the “obvious” need to call out white on asian crime (even without accounting for the unknowns or victim perception, there’s only 3.4 percentage pts diff between the two, so why is one.called out, and the other totally ignored)?

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In the US, Asians are the only group to be more at risk of interethnic violence than inner-ethnic violence and it’s not close.


It’s interesting to make the table on offenders.

Victims of
White offenders
88% white, 2% black, 8% Hispanic, 2% Asian

Black offenders
50% white, 36% black, 18% Hispanic, 5% Asian

Hispanic offenders
48% white, 6% black, 44% Hispanic, 2% Asian

Asian offenders
62% white, 0.4% black, 3% Hispanic, 35% Asian

60% white, 12% black, 19% Hispanic, 6% Asian

71% white, 11% black, 15% Hispanic, 4% Asian

51% white, 22% black, 15% Hispanic, 3% Asian


Statistics are racist.


In my experience, whites are the least racist towards me. In fact 99 percent of the time whites are not even racist at all towards me. Racist ones often direct it towards blacks.

Almost all racist slurs directed towards me are either from blacks or hispanics.

Even full blown white supremacists are not racist towards me.


‘chink’ was the first word I learned from (white) kids in america. I was 6.

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Look at those white on white crime rates! 88%!

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Yep. Seems like some people want to skew data to make a point. It’s sad really


At least you three are consistently inconsistent. Hows mups doing?


The stat is interesting.

Considering 60% of population are white, 88% of victims of white offenders are White may not be shockingly high. 35% of victims of Asian offenders are Asian, which can be very high considering their population is 6% or so.

Why don’t you adjust for population size, if you want to compare? I’m not sure how, it is probably just algebra if we’re working with those stats.

Personally, I don’t have much interest in race. I just find it distasteful that some people focus on race in some areas, and then those same people have what looks like a very different take on race in other areas. Just a little consistency would be nice, is my only gripe.

It sucks that anti-Asian hate is on the rise. Boo that

edit: also calling people liars when it isn’t defensible, and also lying about reading things that you obviously haven’t read by your own admissions, these things also bother me. and being called a racist or a race-baiter. in fact, i have a lot of gripes

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You’re not allowed to say that! (Even if it’s true)
There’s a special place in hell for people who assault elderly people.

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I believe there are someones who do that kind of things, but don’t have time to search it now.

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Why is it interesting?

This thread is about violence against AAs in the US. These statistics aren’t explaining anything.

Do black people commit more crime in America, yes. At least that’s what’s reported. Why is that? Sociology explains it. Some say they’re over policed. Some say it’s systemic racism.
And why is it relevant to this thread?

What role did donald Trump play in the rise in violence against AAs in America? Probably some. It’s more related to this thread than these stats you keep talking about.

It has nothing to do with this thread

If you guys want to discuss black crime, can you start a new thread?