Asian American communities stand up amid string of violent attacks

Interesting video report from American TV, thought it was not like this there in California.

[Asian American communities stand up amid string of violent attacks | Nightline - YouTube]

Can’t watch that poor guy being tackled again. Humiliating.

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Isn’t it ironic that the situation is completely reversed in Asian countries?

That was a really good report on this topic. I’ve seen many articles on anti-Asian attacks, and even though every violent one I saw with a video showed a black man as the assailant, not one mentioned that fact, nonetheless the long tensions between the Black community and the Asian one. Ditto for the anti-Jewish attacks. Most of the reports even implied or stated that Trump’s anti-China rhetoric was to blame. This report dealt with both topics far more honestly, in my opinion.

As for solutions, I don’t see how we move forward without addressing the identitarianism at the heart of the issue. The remedy to me seems clear: teach people to view every person as an individual deserving of respect merely by their existence, and not try to tribalize society into competing factions in a system of various states of oppression.


No one wants to have the conversation that most of the violent assaults against Asian Americans are from black people. It’s happening at a alarming 280x higher rate than Asian on black violence. For all ethic group, violent assaults is mostly within the same ethic racial group. So this is particularly alarming.


Spinning a piece on racism towards Asian Americans into (yet another) diatribe against African Americans.


These quotes from the video are more realistic:

“…It is not just a black and Asian issue it is something in the psyche of this country”.
“…George Floyd galvanized our communities”
“…its about a unified response to injustice”

Sounds like social justice.


When people keep calling americans a hyphenated geographical name paired with american, dont expect things to become equal anytime soon. Born somewhere equals from somewhere. 10th generation asian or black people in the states being called asian/african american is about as anti progressive as it comes. Please, tell else we may separate you from our society whether or not your lineage has been here longer.

Both sides have it wrong, time to grow the fuck up and stop caring about the skins reaction to the sun. Friggen monkeys.


Explain this please, if you’d be so kind.

If that ‘skins reaction to sun’ means you have a higher probability dying of covid, not getting a job, not getting the education you need, higer prob of being profiled by cops, higher chance of dying early, lesser access to medical care, less chance of ever buying a home or getting bank loan, then of course you would care.

Check out the Experiences with Racism in Taiwan thread, they care right?

With the exception of your covid example, aka genetic susceptibility to certain diseases, all those other points are completely due to morons caring about the skins reaction to the sun. Racism is illogical and fucking stupid. Thinking someone doesnt have opportunity because their skin has a different reaction to said sun is equally moronic, albiet more compassionate. All these problems are due to use constantly differentiating different human beings based on phenotype. This is useful in a research sense, but detrimental in a social sense. And so our wheels spin on what should be a non issue because idiots and assholes cant get over skin pigment. Now we see various progressive regions giving.more privelage to various groups which only deepens the divide. Governments ought to make laws based on equality, not stacking band aids like pancakes. Unfortunately, No matter how much credit we like to give ourselves we still cant get past first base.

Again, fucking monkeys…space dwelling ones to be sure, but still simpletons as a species. Perhaps the other Homo species past just looked out their caves and said fuck it, not worth bringing a baby into this crazy world…much like now.





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COVID deaths are more likely in the Black community because of poor health care and less access to the health care system, not genetics. Is this absurd? Of course it is. most Americans want this changed.

Yes, and then think of how much it has impacted human history. Hence things like the 1619 project.

Right, entire countries economies and cultures were based upon this. Highly detrimental.

Where? Example please.


I don’t get this one, sorry :slight_smile:

Sounds like me in HS. The light went on in college tho.

Humans are complex, can put a man on the moon but can’t solve problems of racial injustice in countries. Money has a lot to do with this. I think it’s greed, power, ego, fear not stupidity driving injustice.

I often think the same thing, but for climate related reasons not because of social issues.


lol, i just noticed this is categorized under ‘recreation’

We are agreeing. My only point is that all these problems are not due torace, they are due to douche bags caring about race. Money is a tool. A thing. It has zero power other than that we give to it.

An example of a region: Canada

I.dont.necessarily disagree with actions.taken to give equality to oppressed groups. However, when i stand back and look at the problem it becomes painfully obvious that giving a group more privelage (eg. First nations in canada) it firstly doesnt make them feel better and secondly breeds hate in other groups…this is.pretty common and obvious. Not saying.i have an answer, but hence my.pancake example. If we just keep putting bandaids on cuts instead of just fixing.the cause of the cuts, the pancake tower can only get so.tall before collapsing.

If canada is an example, as its probably easiest to do there, make a end all settlement between firs nations, then set every canadian on equal ground. I get its hard, but equality will never be achieved when people are not.treated equal. Just make it happen, give people what they want and.sign a contract closing.the deal. Move on. This is why we always fail, greed. And this is on both sides in.places like Canada. In other places it is very one sided. Either way, its w rong and.we are fucked if we cant.move past the pigments in our skin reacting to uv differently…ultimately that is the root cause of most racism we see today. Which is, literally, retarded.

No thanks. The majority of Canadians would love to violate the treaty but it is what it is. It was agreed to and should be upheld, especially considering the history. Fortunately the supreme Court got to decide and not the public mob.

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Dont really disagree, but dont expect equality as is. There ought to be an end date where we all become people, but i dont see any country that mature yet. No matter what, at least one side will feel hurt. But we should all come together and move on at some point…regardless of skin tone, gender, history and etc. Progress literally requires moving on and evolving.

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Look how we’ve again deflected away from the real topic: Discrimination against the Asian American community.

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Technically first nations in canada are asian americans…

its about discrimination though, fair game.

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No we don’t. Why turn this into a black crime thing? Most? I doubt that.
Statements like this perpetuate more violence and completely ignore the real issues.

Did I miss your source?

Well here’s one to read

And this

Many attribute the 2020 uptick to the xenophobic rhetoric of Biden’s predecessor; former President Trump repeatedly referred to COVID-19 as “the China virus,” blaming the country for the pandemic. In doing so, Trump followed in a long American history of using diseases to justify anti-Asian xenophobia, one that dates back to the 19th and 20th centuries and has helped to shape perception of Asian Americans as “perpetual foreigners.”

“There’s a clear correlation between President Trump’s incendiary comments, his insistence on using the term ‘Chinese virus’ and the subsequent hate speech spread on social media and the hate violence directed towards us,” says Russell Jeung, a co-founder of Stop AAPI Hate and a professor of Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University. “It gives people license to attack us.

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