Asian tigers leaving Taiwan behind (2018 edition)

Taiwan bosses have used their sway over the government to make it difficult for foreign companies to invest here


Singapore’s is a lot better from my understanding and Hong Kong has more choices but obviously expensive.
It’s not really about competing with them but modernising the education system to be more useful and more humanistic .
I know there are some barriers to foreign investment they probably don’t get the prime deals local companies with connections get.

Taiwan needs to grow new industries it’s really struggling with IT (non electronics manufacturing) for example.

There are definitely pockets of the govt that are open minded. I think personally we should allow blockchain entrepreneurs to come here and pay no capital gains for three years…stuff like that.

What’s a “humanistic education system” ? I’ve never heard that term before and the definition on wikipedia didn’t help me that much.

It’s really hard to believe this, but I think it’s true.

Good bosses exist and bosses/companies that actually compensate their employees well, also exist. We just NEVER hear good things about good people because god forbid the news channels report on something other than car “accidents”.

I think Imei is the only company that occasionally gets some good press, either for their hiring programs abroad or for their lack of food scandals.
Unfortunately, “Mr Ko said something weird” or “Foreign teacher smokes stuff” attract way more clicks.

The day that I-Mei gets any kind of bad press, is a very clear sign to get the f outta Dodge.

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What makes you think Tsai understands better?

Seems more of the same, from Asian Silicon Valley to the changes in the labour laws. Wish could share your optimism

Cos I made it up.
I mean something that takes into account kids are little people that need a childhood not squeezing all the hours out of them to improve their grades in tests.


Biggest problem for Taiwan is it started to become isolated again.

For a country that depends on external trade this is a disaster !

That’s the problem . We know why this is happening , but is the government being proactive enough to counter the strong negative effects of the political situation?

Absolutely not!

They keep proposing measly tiny ‘dont rock the boat don’t spend a lot of money dont challenge special interest’ changes that do NOT make any substantial difference whatsoever !

Same ole same ole same ole.

Ministers are often pensioners, nothing against older people but we really need young blood in government as older generations mindset is slow to change.


At least you are honest, but…

Actually we do have educacion humanista in Spanish.

It’s a descriptor. Don’t get lost in semantics.


Taiwanese companies definitely have some money, though IMO a high proportion of the money might be outflowed to foreign investors (Think Spirit + T mobile…primarily owned by a German and a Japanese company)

Oh it outflows, to Panama, Cayman islands, Switzerland…There was a nice gummit graphic about that.

Meanwhile, workers are lazy because if they worked more, then the economy would be great. My, we worked more in te past and look how much richer we were.:cactus:

Most workers have suffered occupational injuries, illnesses: poll

2018/04/30 16:03:48

Taipei, April 30 (CNA) Sixty percent of workers in Taiwan have suffered occupational injuries or illnesses as a result of which 47 percent have quit their job, according to a survey released Monday by the online 1111 job bank ahead of International Workers’ Day.

The poll found that of the self-reported 60 percent of workers who have suffered work-related injuries or illnesses, 30 percent were permanent injuries, while 39.65 percent were still receiving medical treatment or undergoing rehabilitation and expected to make a full recovery.

It also shows that 31.28 percent of occupational accidents occurred in old-economy or manufacturing industries.

Meanwhile, up to 64 percent of respondents who suffered from occupational injuries or illnesses said they received no assistance other than that prescribed by the law, while 16.74 percent said they took advantage of employer-sponsored group health insurance plans.

Only 14.54 percent of employers took an interest in injured or ill employees or visited them and 8.37 percent received a period of paid recuperation.

The poll also shows that 47 percent left their jobs after occupational injuries or illnesses, including 32.16 percent who quit voluntarily, 8.37 percent who were forced to leave and 6.61 percent who resigned because they were no longer able to do their job.

The online poll, which was conducted from April 12-27 among 1,128 members of the job bank aged 18 and above. It had a confidence level of 95 percent and a margin of error of plus or minus 2.92 percentage points.

According to another survey released Monday by the online job bank yes123, office workers in Taiwan work an average 9.1 hours a day, a slight increase from nine hours in a similar poll last year.

I was reading something about thsi being poor people thinking, something about time spent vs real value of work.

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We’ve got something similar

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It’s just the “shy” tiger. He’s still good in some aspects.

We have seen bigger changes in residency rules/discriminatory regulations in the past year than I have seen in the previous fifteen years. The Ma government gets docked extra points here for controlling the executive and the legislature for eight years while doing almost nothing for us foreign residents or would-be residents. To her credit, the Tsai administration understands that the old system was harming Taiwan’s economic future, and has taken active steps–through the NDC, the legislature, and the executive–to change policy. She deserves credit for this level of coordination in executing these policy changes.

On the other hand, I also am with Brian on this point:

Indeed more can–and should–be done.


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Really? She just increased working hours and is courting the same collection of bosses the Ma administration did. The Asian Silicon Valley project is another top down attempt to siphon off money .

Apologies I see scant reason to give her an iota of credit. She has been an unmitigated disaster

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You should visit Silicon Valley and see what the average age is. You can stay with my family if you want.

Also, did you read the article? HK are Singapore are not comparable. Taiwan is not a small-population entrepot. It’s a former agrarian society and Japanese colony that makes near the same things as Korea (minus the cars).

Why do you think they still use fax machines extensively in Japan? You think it’s because its population is young and vibrant.

I think it’d be good to ask Koreans how they keep innovating. One reason is that their economy is concentrated in mammoth firms with higher R&D budgets, while Taiwan’s businesses are mostly mom-and-pop.