Asian tigers leaving Taiwan behind (2018 edition)

I’m not shedding any tears for Taiwan.

The article says Taiwan lacks brand building… right (in Dr evils voice) because bosses go the cheapest and then wonder why the results suck.look at website design for even major companies, optimized for IE

That and Korea Singapore and HK were open with letting foreigners in early and to being their talents and treat them well under the law unlike Taiwan that thinks foreigners are all here to teach for a year and then leave.


It is really difficult to see a way forward for the Taiwanese economy. Policy mistakes were made a long time ago and even if a big shift in governance and the economy were to happen, it would probably be too late to catch up to the other “tigers”.

Korea open to foreigners? It has one of the lowest % of foreigners in any first world country, and most of them are Chinese.

about half of them are Chinese

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What are the policy mistakes?

Biggest problem is the low birth rate. The population is getting older and more stubborn. No innovation. People are doing things that are 20 years old.

And now that the economy sucks, no one can afford kids.

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Yeah, I heard Korea treats it’s English teachers like crap. Go on YouTube and watch their videos.

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taiwan is leaving itself behind…


Korean companies have foreigners in decision making positions though. Samsung have industrial design team in the States

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Not just about labour laws. More the issue is with foreign investment and foreigners setting up businesses in Taiwan. The government just does everything to protect local industry. Who in turn have done nothing at all to innovate or benefit staff.

HTC marketing dude is some white guy.

Exactly, some white guy.

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HTC’s executive board:

Taiwan has tiny amounts of foreign investment, it is a big problem. The education system is outdated as well the government didn’t invest enough in children . Even though the youth populaton has dropped they didn’t benefit from increased budget per kid.


Oh boy…

The economic package that Tsai announced (big investment in certain economic sectors) could have been done 20 years ago.
The education system produces too many people that, while university educated, find it difficult to compete internationally.
The low birth rate did not come about yesterday, no policies to counter it were implemented up until recently. Again, could have been done 20 years ago.
The tax system is weird, income tax too high, capital gains taxes too low.
Real estate has been juiced with low inheritance tax, low property tax, low interest rates and not enough public housing. Only helps real estate agents and builders.
Every year the Taiwanese president meets the European trade office and asks what can be done to increase foreign investment. Same answer every time: overhaul the legal system, make it compatible with international standards. Taiwanese companies violate IP and too often nothing gets done about it.

Will stop now, but I think you get my point.


Go on…let it all out.


In some ways, the struggles that people have faced here are entirely understandable. With the opening of China from the late 1980s onward, an extra 1.4 billion folks (more or less) entered the global economy, with a predictable impact on wages in Taiwan.

Yet I suspect when we look back, we will see that the Chen Shui-bian and Ma Ying-jeou administrations were (economically speaking) colossal failures: failures to turn to renewables; failures to provide affordable housing in the major cities; failures (in the case of Ma) to envision a political or economic strategy other than tying up with Beijing.

There’s an enormously amount of catch-up to do. Tsai Ing-wen seems to understand this better than her predecessors. Will her administration be able to get things done?


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Taiwan is a very rich country, they actually have money to invest in schools and facilities here but don’t !

Also tax system is still skewed very much to rich folks with property and stocks .


Korea and HK both have a similar birth rate and Singapore has a lower birth rate, much lower (yes I’m not kidding), and both Hong Kong and Korea’s population is older. Your reasoning is laughable.

By percentage, it’s as low as Taiwan’s.

…while Korea’s education system is very forward-thinking? Their education (and by their I mean Korea, HK, and Singapore. You can throw in Japan and China as well) invovles just as much cramming, if not more.

If you mean more ACs in primary schools then I agree with you.

Talk about missing the point. There are a thousand reasons why the economy has been underperforming, none of which involves the birth rate, the amount of foreigners, and education.

Taiwan has loads of money, Taiwanese companies have loads of money and Taiwanese individually have heaps of savings. There are still a lot of good human resources here.