[ASK] CLCs for Advanced Mandarin studies other than NTU/NTNU?

I’m looking to study in Taiwan via the Huayu scholarship and am trying to decide on a CLC/location.

My question is whether there are CLCs besides NTU and NTNU (and perhaps Wenzao?) that reliably offer “advanced” courses (the label “advanced” seems to be applied to levels 600-900 for a lot of centers)? I couldn’t find any recent posts online discussing experiences with advanced-level classes at any other CLCs than those above. Most CLC websites say that they offer advanced courses, but students at NTNU, the program with the largest enrollment, talk about having 4 students or so in their 700 level classes. I worry that a CLC that doesn’t typically host higher-level students/classes could end up hosting a really poor quality, ramshackle course, and it might be safer to choose a more consistent program. I suspect the traditional netizen advice that “all CLCs in Taiwan are the same, just choose where you want to live” may not apply to this situation…

So, yeah… Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of students completing higher-level courses (successfully or otherwise) at CLCs other than those at NTU and NTNU? Alternatively, is my worry about other/smaller CLCs for advanced studies completely unfounded?

Note: Yes, I am confident that these are indeed the level of courses I should be taking. To be brief, I’m not fotb Mandarin major meat… and I do fully understand that a large part of my studies/developing fluency will come from various individual efforts, not some particular, magical CLC. Still, if I’m going to be spending 15 hours a week in a classroom, I’d like to try to find a somewhat suitable seat to squirm in.

If you have any other advice for choosing a CLC/location as an advanced student, please impart your wisdom!

Thanks to all in advance

Whats wrong with NTNU? That’s where I’d go for that level of classes.

If I had money, I’d do ICLP. I did something similar in Beijing in college and I went from barely able to communicate in any way to an ACTFL score of Intermediate-High in four months. A second, one month program got me to Advanced-Low. From the people I know who did ICLP, it’s similar results. But it’s a lot of money to fork over and the Huayu Scholarship doesn’t even cover the full cost of tuition.

There are horror stories galore about NTNU, but I would think the advanced classes would end up being 20 hours/week of private or near private classes for the cost of group ones. If worst comes to worse, if you’re on Huayu, you can hold that against the language center if they’re not meeting your needs. People who come on places like this to complain often learn that their problems can be solved through persistent emails and phone calls to the people in charge. I haven’t taken a Mandarin proficiency test in years, but i have near-native fluency in all four areas. I don’t understand every single word in every single Chinese textbook here (and expanding vocabulary is pretty much all that’s left at this level, considering how little grammar is left to learn), so I’m sure you’d benefit from whatever program you sign up for. This assumes their advanced classes are actually advanced, of course. There are some programs that only go up to HSK 4(ish)

Oh there’s nothing wrong with either school imo, I just want to make sure I know what all of my options are before choosing where I’m (ideally) going to spend a year of my life. Just because I know for a fact Harvard and Yale have law schools doesn’t mean I shouldn’t research other universities that have law schools and that could ultimately prove to be a better fit for me. I’ve found plenty of information about NTU and NTNU’s advanced courses already, but basically no testimonials as to the existence (or non-existence) of advanced courses at other CLCs. So I’m just gathering all the information I can before I pursue any decision making

Yeah unfortunately ICLP is not in the budget for me, which is particularly frustrating since academia is my ultimate focus. But since I’m not a currently enrolled university student, getting additional funding will happen after a unicorn slips on a rainbow and finds a winning lottery ticket under a pot of gold, so…

I think I’ll probably end up at NTNU (NTU’s regular/non-ICLP session is pricier than NTNU and has just as mixed reviews from what I can tell). At least I know it will host the levels and classes I need, and it will have multiple teachers who cover the courses, so I’ll have some leeway to maneuver between teachers and classes. Being in the higher levels definitely has the added benefit of inherently smaller classes, so the benefit a small CLC may offer to a lower level student of more attention doesn’t really apply. I’m also not afraid to self-advocate and slug through the highly breaucractic process of complaining to the administration… seems it’s not terribly different in Taiwan than in Mainland in that regard lol

I’ve said this here before: people rarely flock to the internet to brag about a great experience they had. You’ll find far more negative reviews about CLCs than positive ones. In the end I’d say go where you want to be (location-wise) after shooting and email over to confirm they have classes for your level. Anywhere outside of Taipei is going to be more affordable in all ways, but it’ll be harder to jump around to other centers if you decide to go to a place like Hualien.