Asking if there are job openings I can apply to in Taiwan


Hi all i’m from the Philippines just want ask if I there are any entry level jobs I can appply and work in Taiwan ?? I have an experience when it comes to customer service and being a deal entry / data analyst … super thank you in advance :smile:


Most Filipinos in Taiwan find work either as carers (for older/disabled people) or in factory jobs. The latter requires that you have a degree, preferably in a relevant subject (say, electronics or mech engineering).

The Taiwan gov’t heavily restricts access to jobs in favour of the locals (as does the Philippines, of course), which basically means the only jobs available are the ones that Taiwanese people can’t or won’t do. In the case of unskilled labour, that means taking old people out for walkies. At the skilled end, it means either having specific abilities that are hard-to-find in Taiwan (that includes manual dexterity - for some reason, Taiwanese people are afraid of anything that doesn’t involve sitting at a desk).