Assault Weapons Ban in U.S. has expired

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Do it for the children!

Jesus (intentional). What the hell (doubly intentional)? Are these children all Palestinians? haha. Looks like we have our own little generation of terrorist about ready to face the world.

Nothing to do with international politics, hence moved out of the IP Forum.

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[quote=“Rascal”]Nothing to do with international politics, hence moved out of the IP Forum.

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Excuse me?? Does this mean that all of the threads regarding the U.S. election, Bush, Kerry, and Nader, belong in the Open Forum now, since they are American national politics, not international politics??

But whatever. I’m just glad to see all these happy children!

Fred! I’m shocked! Where do you think the next generation of Army recruits will come from??

I think we can leave those threads in the IP forum because America and its president plays a significant part in international politics, the above kids don’t.

As well you will get more attention in the open forum, so something else you can be happy about. :wink:

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Well at least no kids have ever been killed by playing with firearms.

That’s true. I think guns are a good thing to have around kids. Many times have I thought that when teaching kindergarten.

So anyone who does not find children holding automatic weapons disturbing, perhaps ones of children holding machetes and butcher knives would be equally entertaining. How come we don’t see any of those?


The ‘International’ in International Politics, means politics for countries other than Taiwan.

If this thread starts having any discussion about US politics, I’m throwing it right back at you.


From the land that popularized remote controls and microwave dinners, now has reintroduced automatic weapons…supposedly for hunting purposes, because we all know how necessary it is to load a twenty or so bullets at a time into an animal in a five-second time span.

Please note: my estimates of bullets/sec. might be inaccurate, but I don’t give a shit.

MaPo Squid…Trenchcoat Mafia members, class of 2012? Can’t imagine the purpose of putting an automatic weapon into the hands of a toddler…

“Hey Caleb, remember how sad you felt when Mr. Bun-Bun died? Well guess what this thing here does to animals much bigger than Mr. Bun-Bun… Smile.”

What? No cigaretts and alcohol for these kids? Why not? After all, it’s clear they’re being taught about the important things in life, right?

They MUST be american…and from the South… :noway:

Fuck you. You have no idea what you’re talking about, you ignorant bigot.

The look on that last kid’s face says it all.

“Can you just put me back in the womb please???”

And you wonder how Columbine can only happen in the USA?

I believe the age for gun ownership in certain States is younger than the legal drinking age.
It is a comfort the know that you won’t be shot by a drunkard.

Fuck you. You have no idea what you’re talking about, you ignorant bigot.[/quote]

Jesus, Mod, I’ve never seen you be so PC. If I knew Mapo was a Canadian I might have said, “Must be from Alberta.” A stereotype yes, but not bigotry.

Which reminds me that you are never far from stereotyping all Canadians in the most unflattering terms. So :raspberry:

A sad day for America.

One a brighter side think of all the more sucessful hunting trips people will have with a 50 calibur machine guns and M-16 assult rifle.

No point in hiding in trees or holes in the ground.

You take out a herd of deers, moose, or even a flock of ducks and geese at a 2 mile distance.

And especially its children. Expect even more innocent people to die now.

Fuck you. You have no idea what you’re talking about, you ignorant bigot.[/quote]

Come on, admit it … Namastestore likely nailed it. The chances of those kids being both American and from the South are very, very high. I grew up down there so before you reply, you can forget the “ignorant” part. Although, I will have to admit that a guy I knew from Ohio would be up for the gold in the Redneck Olympics.

I’d certainly be happy to hear how the U.S. South isn’t gun-happy or doesn’t have the highest number of NRA members per capita in the U.S., etc. The data wasn’t readily available. Let me know if you find it. Oops, that kinda kills the bigot part.

Yeah, I know you weren’t talking about me, but just trying to show that someone can have the same opinion as Namastestore and not be an ignorant bigot.

As far as the assault weapons go: … 10nramyths