Asus Zenfone 9 vs. Google Pixel 7 (and the 7a)

I’m thinking of replacing my good ol’ HTC 10, but I don’t want a large phone. These two get good reviews and have decent specs. Does anyone here own one of them? What are your experiences with it? Thanks!

(I’m including the Pixel 7a in here because the 7 may be unavailable by the time I pull the trigger.)

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i owned a zenfone, the beginning was good, after about a year it had charging issues and couldnt keep a charge.more tham half a day.
id recommend Samsung pver zenfone.
no experience with pixel.

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Currently using the Zenfone 9.

Advantages: very light, easy to carry. Fast. Double SIM capacity.

Cons: very small screen. Different placement for old functions, which I haven’t had the grasp yet.

My previous one, a Zenfone 6, had very good battery capacity, basically one charge per day was enough, and it was until recently after 3 years it needed two, of course, depending on usage. It is still in working condition so it has become a backup.

It is certainly a worrisome detail if battery problems may arise in the future so I will monitor usage as previous model was more than adequate in that regard.

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This made me chuckle because my HTC 10 has a 5.2" screen and the Zenfone 9 has a 5.9" screen. :grin:

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I’m still using my Zenfone 5. It’s showing its age and I’m going to replace it within the next few months or so but I’ve had it for about 4 years now. Once charge a day. Camera is acting a bit weird and video has disappeared.

I’m definitely considering the latest zenfone even though it has a smaller screen.

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Pixel 7a will be $12000 within a few months. Pixel 7 was $15000 before the 7a came out.

Would get either of them over Asus Zenfone.

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Any particular reason? I’m leaning towards the Asus Zenfone 9 because of size, battery, and longevity. Camera and updates are of secondary concern to me.

Is Zenfone known for its longevity? It’s a good phone for sure but not quite sure if it wins on longevity and battery…

Just commenting that I’m amazed you have such an old Android phone, and from a manufacturer which already closed its mobile division.

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You could also look at Sony’s Xperia range, such as 5 IV or 10 III. They are a little bit more pricey than the ones you are considering, but the 5 IVhas a longer and narrower form than most mobile phones which makes it easy to use one-handed. Battery etc all good.


HTC used to make some excellent phones. Some duds, too, but mostly excellent. They didn’t go under because of their hardware division, that’s for sure.

Sony gets pricey, but I’ll keep them in mind.

Actually, a new option has just popped up: the upcoming Pixel 8 is rumored to be sized between the Pixel 7/7a and the Zenphone 9. Unfortunately, all the Zenfone 9 phones will likely be gone by then once the Zenphone 10 comes out, so I’d lose that option if I wait too long.

I have two Asus tablets that have lasted quite a while. One of them has an undersized battery, though. I don’t know about their phones. Not many on here seem to use them.

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Didn’t google raid that team circa 2017?

If @SlowRain is happy with his old HTC phone, the answer is clear: get a Pixel phone! :grin:

Disclaimer: I am not a historian of technology, so I may have gotten a few details wrong here. Corrections are welcome.



I’ve had mine for almost 4 years. The battery is starting to show its age but I can survive a whole day on one charge. I don’t play video games and am not constantly on it.


Yeah I’m also eyeing the Sony Xperia series as a potential replacement for my current phone in the future, although I think mine can still last for two more years.

As big of a screen as my Pixel 6 Pro. I’d take a look if I was looking

Not really, they just released the HTC U23 Pro. They only sold their Pixel Phone division to Google.

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I just ordered the Xperia 1 V. Upgrade from the Xperia 1 II I’m using for about 3 years now.