ASUS Zenfone/ROG Phone

My wife is coming back to Taiwan in Summer. Which is the best / cheapest shop to buy a mobile phone (Zenfone 5)? And do they generally discount new phones (Zenfone 6)?

They will announce the price of zenfone 6 on June 6

Best if she can read Chinese.
Although my current smartphone can switch back and forth between Chinese and English translation of that site.
Shows what stores have the model you are searching.
I used this site last year to find a store that was selling a certain smartphone I wanted that was in limited supply.

My last ASUS phone was 10% cheaper online. Do a search , various vendors

Thanks all for the info!

I have a Zenfone 5z that I’d be willing to sell. It’s the 256GB edition. It doesn’t support Canadian LTE frequencies as well as the ROG phone so I bought the ROG phone instead. I never used it and only took it out of the box to verify it to be in working order. PM me if interested.

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ROG Phone 5 will be unveiled this week.

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And will feature ASUS’s tone-deaf decisions.

According to Mashable, using the ZenFone 8 “is like watching a little guy absolutely kill it on the bench press at the gym.”

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Stupid bot made me add this.

I’m very happy with my zenfone6 by the way. I took it with me on my snowboarding trip to Hokkaido just before the pan-demic. The photos and videos I was able to take with it was great. The wide angle lens and the flip camera allowed me to take selfies with friends and a great video behind us, without needing a selfie stick. It’s now been a couple of years, and it is still working great. The battery life still lasts from morning to 1AM. I bought a zenfone7 for my dad. I’ll probably still buy a zenfone with the flip camera when my zenfone6 eventually dies.

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Very important feature, but not for me.

I don’t usually take selfies, but when you can’t bring a lot of equiptments and have a group of people you want to take a photo with, it’s incredibly handy.

How many people do you get into the selfie? Must be a very wide angle lens.

I got 5 people in there. We are standing on the slope facing the hill to get a shot of all of us and a wide open view of valley and Mount Yotei behind us. They tried the same with the iphone, but there’s no wide angle lens on the front cameram so without a selfie stick you just get the faces without the view. Then you can see what is being taken when they used the rear wide angle lens, and they had to do trial and error.