ATM that accepts TD Bank card

In hindsight perhaps the title is too specific.

I found a thread via google from this forum from 2013 and was wondering if things have changed. I was told by a family member that bank/teller machines that accept and will dispense currency (NTD) from a foreign (American in this case) bank card are very rare and few and far in-between.

The ancient thread I was looking at seemed to suggest the opposite, going as far as to list more than 5 banks/bank supported machines.

Due to poor timing and life, I will not be able to bring much cash with me but am hoping come payday to withdraw the rest that I need.

Was hoping the hive mind would be able to point me in the direction of an ATM that has a proven record of accepting foreign debit cards.

I am staying at my grandfather’s second place near Ximending and was hoping due to the nature of Ximen itself, I would be able to find a foreign friendly bank machine but thought it best to check here first.

Thank you!!

Which networks does the card support? There are usually different logos on the card.

e.g. Cirrus, Maestro, EC, VISA, MasterCard

Ah, my apologies. I should have included this in my post.

I have a Visa Debit card.

No issues. It should be accepted at most ATMs.
You can just go to any 7-11 to withdraw.

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I never thought I would be so pleased to hear that my family member was indeed wrong and very much so.

Thank you so much for giving me peace of mind.

I also have a Bank of Taiwan around the corner from me. Do you or anyone else lurking know by chance if their machine will work as well? I seem to live in a dead zone with no 7-11 but will make the trek to one if need be!

Must be rural. Usually there is a 7-11 in walking distance.
Family Mart, etc. also have ATM inside.

Call the bank and make sure the card is not blocked to withdraw overseas and has high enough limits set. Some banks block it by default for safety reasons. Banks usually have a settings for the limit in their online banking websites.

Mind the fees by ATM (will be told how much when withdrawing) and your local bank for international withdrawals.

The ATM will have logos on it which interbank networks it supports. VISA is always there.

Ugh, may as well be rural. Will be staying in Wanhua.

Alright. I have made notes in my phone with your sound advice and would have completely forgotten to advise my bank on my travels plans without your prompt.

Again, thank you for your prompt and patient help on this matter.

Thank you!!

As someone who routinely withdraws from her US Citibank card, I assure you, most ATMs will take your card.

Would you want to, is the question. If I use a non-Citibank atm, I get charged fees ON TOP of my monthly non-atm fee, which turns each withdrawal fee into around $5-6 USD. Yikes.

Thank you so much Wake for your response and perspective. Desperate times call for desperate measures! I truly am unable to bring much with me (just enough to get a SIM, easy card/load it and eat for a little bit before I am dry!) and my direct deposited pay may just be the salvation I am looking for.

This is not to say that a $5-6 dollar fee isn’t eye watering!! Yeeesh that is truly gut wrenching.

I’ve found the ATMs in OK Mart charge a lower fee (maybe it’s a Cathay ATM? I forget). But it seems to change - for quite a few years, the ATMs in Family Mart had a lower fee with my American bank card, and then that one increased.

I think the only thing you can do is withdraw larger amounts, and keep the proportion down to about 1%. Remember that the rate is about Nt30 at the moment. So if you withdraw about NT$20,000 should work out at around $650 plus fees.

Don’t know what the electronic spreads are but if you do it once or twice and check online, you’ll be able to figure out the amount.

If you have a Yuanta bank, Fareast bank, union bank, or a Cathay bank nearby, I’ve tested, they take TD cards and don’t charge a fee on the Taiwan side. If I remember correctly even the bank of Taiwan machine worked perfectly without fees

Avoid the China Trust 711 and Sinopac machines , they work but tack on an additional $100nt per withdrawal

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The maximum amount most ATM allow to withdraw is 30.000 TWD.
It is a physical limitation as the stack of thirty 1000 TWD bills is already quite thick.
Haven’t seen any ATM giving out 2000 TWD bills.

Taishin has also recently started charging a $100 fee as well, and they seem to be replacing Cathay machines in Family Mart.

Cathay, Citibank, Taiwan Cooperative, and Fuban don’t charge fees. Likely others.

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Ah maybe that’s what happened to me. Before, I just used the ATM in the Family Mart, without noticing what bank it was. But then one time it asked for a fee, so I cancelled, and then tried a few other ATMs until one didn’t ask for a fee.

In a dense urban neighborhood like Wanhua, there are convenience stores everywhere.

Thank you, I guess, for your observations.

I personally find where the building is located to be quiet. I have a permanent mobility disability so while google maps says 7-11 is an 8 minute walk away at Ximending, for me, it may not be “within walking distance”. Closest thing to me would be Carrefour Guilin next door-ish. Supposedly next to that, there is a Family Mart.

I know the Internet makes it easy to make snide comments and it seems to be de rigueur even so my naïveté is definitely showing when it comes to how to deal. However, on the flip side I am used to masquerading as able bodied and I guess this confirms I am doing well enough!

Thank you, hive mind for the plethora of tips and insight to this query!!

I will try my luck at Bank of Taiwan first and then plan my attack from there if things go south.

I am very grateful for all those that took the time to respond.

Thank you!