ATM's in Taiwan (Tainan and Tapei)

I’m a college student who will be working in Tainan this summer. Can anyone tell me what kind of ATM card I need to bring and how the fees work? If you can recommend a bank, preferably an American bank that has ATM’s in Taiwan, that would be ideal. Thanks.

The banks here, even if named the same as their U.S. counterpart, are absolutely separate. Go to your local branch of any PLUS or similar affilitated ATM affilliated bank and get a debit card or credit card. Make sure the bank understands that you will be using it abroad. Make sure you change the PIN on your new card to your preference BEFORE you come here. You cant change it here. The PIN change stuff here is solely for Taiwan accounts. When you use the U.S. based card here you will get to a selection choice of debit, credit, savings, checking, default account, etc.
Choose the “Default Account” option. Should be able to withdraw about 10,000 NT per day. Taiwan banks allow up to 2 withdrawals from their branches of 20,000 or 30,000 per day, depending on the bank. U.S. has standard rules for all banks on withdrawals so you are limited to $350.00 U.S. (I think) Deposits are a totally different animal and requires transfer fees, etc. Do a search on this as there has been plenty posted about having both a U.S. account and a Taiwan account for ease of deposits and withdrawals.
All that being said, if anyone sees an obvious misconception, please set the poster and myself straight.
Welcome to Taiwan. Enjoy. It really is a great place.

A word of caution: make sure your PIN is numbers only. My friend, who banks with Wells Fargo, was unable to use any ATM in Taipei to get money, because her password was a word, and the keypads here are all numbers. It wasn’t a lot of fun.

My US bank ATM card doesn’t word at some banks, even if they display the Plus and Cirrus symbols, I don’t know why. I have the best luck at ICBC, the International Bank of China. The other bank I use is The Land Bank. I had my bank (credit union, actually) change my default amount to $500 US per day before I came.

Ran into this password, instead of PIN, before. Try entering the password by looking at your cell phone and spelling the word with the numbers from the phone. Good way to remember your PIN also.

I think the PIN must be limited to 4 numbers, only local Pins use 6-12 numbers (for cards with chip).