Attack of the Drones: Taiwan's future military!

US not selling us f-16s, no worries, we invent/pilot our own drones!

Attack of the Drones: Taiwan’s future military: … -stradegy/


Unfortunately, Taiwan would first have to invent high-performance microprocessors and DSPs, MEMS accelerometers and gyros for the inertial reference platform, and a bunch of other American stuff that is currently export-restricted for precisely this reason. They should perhaps also learn how to spell ‘strategy’. Bottom line: how else are the Americans going to dispose of all their outdated military crap if they can’t flog it off to Taiwan at inflated prices?

Monica is hot though, in an odd sort of way.

she’s surprisingly entertaining

Janet’s long lost sister?

Attack of the Drones? Sounds like my sixth period English class with the eighth grade!

She’s probably a commie plant.

Pure Evil.
Of the Hogwash variety.

Future of the United States Army here:

This video kills me. “so much for supporting democracy, thanks a lot DORKS”.

Yea, she is kind of hot and gives great voice. Both better than “dear in the headlight eyes” squeaky Janet.

Long lost but better sister?