Attorney Gao Zhisheng Defends Home Church Members

[quote]Attorney Gao Zhisheng Defends Home Church Members
Letter of Appreciation from Poshang Village Family Church in Beijing[/quote]

Great lawyer!

Jesus, Lizi do you ever read anything other than the Epoch Times?

Do you ever think of anything other than the persecution of Falun Dafites?

Even if Falun Dafa is an enjoyable way to spend one’s time, don’t you think it would be healthy to engage in other activities from time to time and to make friends outside of that group?

Seriously, if your entire life and all of your social relationships revolve around Falun Dafa, isn’t that a bit unhealthy and dangerous. Dangerous in that you risk the possibility that maybe you’re being deceived; maybe all those you spend time with, put your trust in, and emulate, may be a bunch of deluded wackos and frauds and you got suckered in by them. You know the saying, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” right? Maybe you should try to find some other interests. Just a friendly suggestion.

Actually, I have read a lot of things, including the business administration, marketing etc.

I also have friends of other religions, or some who donot have any belief.

And I think there are a lot of people who’d like to talk about their interests, habbies,or something else.

But not many pay enough attention to the cruel situation in China, and as an evil force, CCP is really a threat to the civilized world.

So exposing the evil is a righteoud person’s responsibility.

However, thank you for your kindness.

[quote]In 2001, Chinese lawyer Zhisheng Gao was honoured by China

According to an insider’s information, the CCP in Beijing plans to arrest renowned human rights attorneys Mr. Gao Zhisheng and Mr. Guo Feixiong no matter what the cost. During an interview with attorney Guo, he said, “Our goal is for China to become truly ruled by law. If the authorities insist on framing and falsely accusing us, then they will bring disgrace upon themselves.” At the same time, Mr. Guo suggested that the international community nominated attorney Gao for the Nobel Peace Prize, since Gao’s open letters to the Chinese leaders condemning their human rights violations have made him a true hero worthy of such an honour. [/quote]

CCP does not obey the country’s law!!!

Lizzi -
Look up whats happening in San Francisco for this years Chinese New Years Parade.

One of the ultra-chichi city commissars - a woman named Pak - is refusing to let Falun Gong march in the parade.
1st time for this ban. They been marching for quite a few years.
Of course Pak is quite tight with the PRC Embassay folks in SF…but thats mere coincidence.

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]Lizzi -
Look up whats happening in San Francisco for this years Chinese New Years Parade.

There are some people who do not really understand CCP.

Under CCP’s evil rule, no human rights.

Third Announcement from the “Relay Hunger Strike for Human Rights Support Group”
New Victims Need Support: Citizens Persecuted by the Communist Regime

Support the justice!!!

Evil CCP is mad.