Attorney referral for U.S. patent and contract issue

I’ve designed a product for a U.S. company with whom I have a joint-development agreement and they want me to sign a patent assignment as part of our patent application. I need a referral to a Taiwan-based English-speaking attorney knowledgeable in U.S. patent and contract law to advise me about this.

Patrick McGrath

Nelson A. Quintero []

Try getting in touch with Nelson–see above his email address from the legal firm TOP TEAM. They specialize in Patent application & law.

Nelson speaks both English & Chinese, and could help you out or at miminum refer you to someone who could.


Sorry, just heard that Nelson has been transferred to LA to set up Top Team’s US based office.

But I think his company can still help you out.

If not there is another company with whom I am now dealing with called:

XINO International Intellectual Property Office
they are a local firm dealing in Patent/Trademark/Design/Copyright

Partner is Mr. Philip Luo, he is their Patent Attorney, and speaks fluent English

Tel: 2369 3605
Fax: 2362 0761

They are doing my company’s patent filing for the US, Asia and Europe.

Hope this helps you further.