Aussie Footy Season begins

Just letting the Aussie Footy fans know that the season kicks off on Thursday live on abc asia/pacific Thursday night. Brisbane v St Kilda. Should be an absolute rip snorta. I’ll be jumping onto Carltons bandwagon first, followed by St Kilda’s assuming the wheels fall off Hawthorn. They’re already wobbling. Go Hawks.

backing the west coast myself! go eagles! :bravo: :bravo:

See next post for details.

So this is what is meant by taking your oponent by the scruff of his kneck:

Although he looks like he’s asking the Almighty to get him out of this one. He probably really has his eye on the ball.

White men can’t jump.

At 110KG and 6’6" Big Sav defies gravity and two opponents to take the ball one handed.

So fox, did you watch any on the weekend? The Essendon Carlton game of Friday night was a corka and the Brizzie Port game on Saturday night was a rip snorta too. Fortunately the Hawkies Richmond game wasn’t televised or I could’ve been a good chance to smash some the empy VB stubbies up against the new TV.


I saw both those games. I’m a Bombers supporter so I was a bit disappointed by that game but I thought we played well until the final term so maybe there is some hope there for us this year. I also saw the Saints pip the Dockers. 5 games of football a weekend, I’ve never had it so good.