Aussie marketing

Drambuie have leaked a tape showing their attempts at marketing to an Aussie clientele. There’s no denying it, we’re a class act.

“You got the meat raffle tickets wet ya dipshit!” :laughing:



Q: What sort of people might like that?
A: Poofs…I heard you like it doncha mate?

Very funny HGC… :bravo:

Oh boy, those guys are something else. Gotta love those haircuts too.

ooh yes.

you miss that sense of camaraderie, don’t you, HGC?

“blokes that like to dress up and wear skirts and that…”

how does he know all that?

Got to say this ad makes me proud to be a good subtle Aussie! Maybe the blokes in this ad could get a second job in VB ads.
In all seriousness I think this is a brilliant bit of branding by Drambuie. As an Australian who used to work in advertising whoever was the creative that thought this idea up was a genius and the suit that got the client to agree must have been a REALLY great talker because I could see most companies running a million miles from such advertising but for such a product in Oz I think it really might work.
Strange thing about the product and this branding is the only time I can remember it in a popular Australian image was with the singer Jimmy Barnes of Cold Chisel fame talking about drinking ummm less than small quantities of it.