Australasian rugby league on TV: where did it go?

Anyone know what happened to the broadcast games? Two years ago Star TV were showing both State of Origin and Melbourne storm(I would have preferred to have seen more teams but you have to make do) games.

Was it a licensing rights thing or just that it is a minority sport within Taiwan and therefore had trouble attracting advertisers?

Yeah, l remember watching Storm every weekend years ago, anyway you can catch 1 game a week on abc asia pacific. You’ll need SAt TV or perhaps digital though. It’s on at Saturday lunch time here before the AFL game. Usually it’s a replay of Friday night’s name.

Better to get satellite TV and get some other good channels along the way like Amos. He doesnt watch the NRL or live State of Origin matches, he’s an AFL grunt. :smiley: :smiley:

Matchstick man, abc asia pacific is now on regular cable so you’ll get 1 game at around lunch Sat mornings. It’s channel 93 here.

It’s good that it’s on cable :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: but for how long? The channels are always coming and going on cable TV… :fume: :fume:

Yeah true, Jim. However, that’s the channel you need to watch Rugby League.