Australia lags behind New Zealand, Taiwan and Timor-Leste on World Press Freedom Index

A bit of interesting news, Aussie behind Taiwan and Kiwis

Not really surprising when your only two choices are 9 Fairfax and Murdoch owned media.

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That is embarrassing.

Not to mention the Murdoch owned Sky channels on Pay-TV.

Oh, there is one other, the Federal Government owned Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), which for decades has had nation-wide TV and radio coverage, and also has an Internet presence (and no subscription either). The Government of the day (either side) is often targeted by the ABC, which gets them threats of funding cuts, but they are a brave lot and have uncovered and published many stories that embarrass their “Master”.

There is the smaller, but also Federal Government owned, Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) which caters to ethnic groups, but also has a good coverage of International Sport (Tour De France, FIFA World Cup etc) and their news reporting is just that, they report without bias.


I like ABC news and the SBS TV shows !

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Was australia known for such high equality standards before?

Other ‘democracies’ will catch up, and it will become worse with new bills being introduced.
The UK which jails journalists that expose governments and corporates are introducing a nice bill:

The parts the government/media don’t talk about will be the relevant parts of it.
I see Canada are attempting to introduce a new bill too. I wonder if any other so-called democratic countries will follow suit? The EU?

Whats the canadian bill? Would like to learn more.

My guess is it will mirror the UK bill eventually:

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Well now it’s a new news channel in Taiwan call mirror news tv

[Mirror News will be the first news channel approved by the NCC in ten years.](Mirror Media Sees Successive Controversies Before Launch of Television Network | New Bloom Magazine) But Mirror News’s being approved for a broadcast license only took place after two years and it proves controversial that the license went through, to begin with, with some NCC members dissenting from the approval and rumors that this only took place because of DPP factionalism. Likewise, concerns have been raised about Mirror News’ ability to generate enough income to be sustainable or whether it would broadcast tabloid content