Australian food products

DISCLAIMER: I am just a loyal customer trying to lend a helping hand to an ethical and high quality food supplier

I am a fussy shopper. Finding safe ingredients has been a personal quest and I’m so glad to have Pear Eco in Taipei. They only import products that meet stringent criteria and transport and store their products at 18°C to maintain optimal quality.

Pear Eco offer international gold award-winning ALTO & Camilo extra virgin olive oils from Australia (Camilo has been listed for 6 consecutive years in the “Flos Olei” World Olive Oil Guide), Merlot wine vinegar, Chardonnay wine vinegar (used by Joseph Bistro), organic raw almonds (these taste sweeter and better than Costco’s), Murray River salt (90% of fine dining restaurants in Australia use it), Marou* single origin dark chocolate (used by Yu Chocolatier), raw Australian honey etc.

I’ve been using their super low acidity extra virgin olive oil (0.1-0.2%, much lower than the international limit of 0.8% = greater stability under high heat), bought at least 50 bars of Marou* artisan dark chocolate, kilos of organic raw almonds to make my own almond butter, Murray River salt which is cleaner than sea salt (latter often contains plastic contaminants).

Now there’s 10% discount off their olive oils and chocolate at freshONE Supermarket. It’s a great opportunity to try or stock up premium and trusted food products at very reasonable prices. Offer ends March 31 (I think).

EVOO, red/white wine vinegars and dark chocolate also available at Mayfull in Neihu:

*Marou is from Vietnam, not Australia. New York Times touted it as “The best chocolate you’ve never tasted” … .html?_r=0

Pear Eco Facebook:
freshONE address: B1F, No.36, Ln. 151, Sec. 4, Ren’ai Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106