Australian/Kiwi cafes and shops

Wow, the cf stamp of approval! I’ll have to go and check them out. :bow:[/quote]

To be fair, at the time I tried them it’d been close to a decade since I’d eaten a pie in Australia. After having rectified that over Xmas when I was in Oz, I’d say that Pink Penguin is more like a Four’N Twenty pie than a bakery pie.

^^This! Is the greatest rating system I’ve ever come across!

I’m just gonna get all anzac competitive and say that you don’t know pies until you go to NZ…I’ve had pie face, I’ve had many pies in Australia…no. Just no.

The BBQ House (in Hsinchu) is owned/run by an Aussie, the one in Taichung is owned by them also but unsure if they utilise expat chefs also… :confused:
Great place for a steak… :slight_smile: