Australians fear attack from China almost as much as Taiwanese do, survey finds

Common sense finds taiwan is justified in this regard. As per the CCP stating on record they will fuck taiwan up and no one has the right to ge invved or else.

Australia has…a trade war. Though i do hope australia continues down this path and does it without involving racism. this can only be good for the world. to fight back against world domination tactics. Shocking so many countries are so willfully bending over to tjings they themselves are outspoken about being against. Im talking of individuals as well as companies and governments. the hyporcrisy is real.


The trade war is a result of China not be happy at the Aussies for actions that hurt their feelings

So not at all then?

Yes, correct…so you see the problem then right?

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Borrow some nukes from the UK. No one invades nuclear armed countries. Fact.
China just wants your metals not your cricket.

True, but they wouldnt invade australia ever anyway. They have WAY too many allies, unlike taiwan. I mean like literally…an invasion of australia would absolutely trigger ww3 unless china backed down. without question. Taiwan doesnt have such support.

Australia should keep trolling them and let them destroy themselves for the world to see. Thats the real secret weapon australia has…

I do believe there will be a war with China in the coming decade. History shows that it’s where we are headed. But I don’t believe it will be a conventional war.

Australia should be worried, as with all western and freedom loving nations. We have been witnessing the rise of China, and all the predictions of the paper tiger collapsing has fallen flat. I don’t believe China will be satisfied until they are the dominant power and the Middle Kingdom once more. Taiwan will be their first move towards that goal now HK is won for the communists.


Australians’ rep for being tough and fearless is severely outdated. They’ve become wimps. Their own government won’t even let them leave the country until like 2023 due to COVID; they’re prisoners of fear in more ways than one. Of course they fear China more than they reasonably should, but if that pushes them to further align against China, I’m fine with it. Of course fear could also manifest as appeasement.


We’re all already at war with China. Just no one realises it yet.


“gray zone warfare” has been mentioned a lot in the international press since at least December…

I think it is realized, but the responses are being done in kind. Salami slices are being met with salami slices.

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If the people can’t defend Australia against China perhaps all the venomous and deadly animals could…

I wouldn’t let that little huntsman worry you. You go and try a Sydney funnel web Atrax robustus out for size:

or his twice as big cousin, the Northern rivers tree funnel web, Hadronyche formidabilis


on my screen, that’s just about life size (body length 50 mm). perhaps the most venomous spiders in the world, and strong bastards too. Bite through your thumbnail easy as pie.

Billy Connolly, on being told they’re all right if you don’t annoy them:
“You’d have to be seriously fucking bored if you wanted to go out and annoy that.”

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I do remember that comment!

Seems Aussies upgrading Navy with Atomic subs, China is not happy

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For those thinking about this and asking yourselves, “Well, how did [we] get here?”, here’s a book worth reading.

Unrestricted Warfare : China’s master plan to destroy America (1999)
Qiao, Liang and Wang, Xiangsui (both PLA colonels)

To keep this post on topic, here’s another worthwhile read:

Silent Invasion: China’s Influence in Australia (2018)
Clive Hamilton


If Australians fear attacks from china as much as Taiwanese, i see only 2 possibilities: Aussies are paranoid as all hell, or Taiwanese are naive as all hell.

Could be both.


It’s already too late. China has infiltrated Australia already. They dont need to attack.

Luckily funnel webs breed fast enough.