Austronesian expansion and the Wallace Line

There has been a lot of arguing over the claim that Gunung Padang is a pyramid built 27,000 years ago.

If true it would suggest the inhabitants of Sundaland prior to the start of the last glacial maximum were already highly technically advanced.

It would also suggest that the site continued to carried significance after the transition from Paleolithic cultures to Neolithic cultures, i.e. the arrival of Austronesian, between 4,000 and 3,100 years ago, who built the megalith stone terraces on top of the “structure”.

Despite of when it was built, it’s worth noting that the base of the mountain is made of natural andesite, and if the structure saw first construction 27,000 years ago, people only tried to make it look more like a pyramid. So it’s not quite at a scale like the pyramids in Egypt, where entire structures were man-made.


There are no disputes with this finding.

Discovery of an ancient city pushes back the settling of Tonga back to 300AD, 700 years earlier than previously thought.