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I need a document notarized, but I refuse to go to AIT – the waiting, the cost – it’s ridiculous. I have spent much time calling law firms in Taiwan and talking to laywers and no one seems to be able to do it or knows anyone other than an Embassy that can take care of it.

I need a licensed notary public, preferably from the US. Does anyone know where I can get this done or know someone who can do it for me cheaper than AIT?

Thanks in advance!

I asked a lawyer friend about where I could get a US notarization in Taiwan. In Manila, i know of a top (Filipino) firm there that has several staff members able to notarize documents thru some special arrangement with the American Embassy.

My friend in Taiwan tells me that no such arrangement exists in Taiwan. In short, you have to go to AIT and pay about USD 50 or so per notarization.

I told my friend that I would ask the law firm in Manila what the arrangement they have with the US embassy is. I doubt there would be anything similiar here since AIT isn’t even an embassy, and all such documentation must be done in Hawaii or elsewhere.

Now, I am looking for a notary public in Taipei to notarize documents for Taiwan. Anyone have ideas? I plan to ask my buddy again, but if you have any experience to share, please post it here.

I am also wondering how effecgtive/useful it is to notarize documents here. I’m thinking, if you don’t trust someone enough that you want to notarize a contract with them, then why do any business with them in the first place?

The translation service that I am familiar with also coordinates the notarization of documents for use in Taiwan. Call Wonder Translation Service, 2311-7077, and ask for Karen or Sandy. Their offices are near the New Park in Taipei.

I think they can tell you where to go to get any sort of notarial services done. As I know, they have good relations with relevant Taiwan notaries.

Thank you, richard

I asked my lawyer friend and he reminded me that all the notary does is verify that these documents were indeed signed by the persons who signed it

This diesn’t necessarily make the documents or contracts more binding or “safer” – although they are safer only insofar as the signatories are indeed the persons who sign it

Cost of notarizations are normally some percentage of the value of the contract. That sounds like it could be potentially big. :astonished:

I’ll check in with the notary you recommend, and see if they can help me.

There are Taiwan-court authorized notaries in and around the Courts in Taipei.

They charge standard fees not percentages. like maybe 10-20 bucks US depending on how many pages, etc.

PM me if you need an actual address. the one i use speaks english as well.

In Banqiao, near the new train station, there’s a place that has a sign in English for notary services. It’s between Wenhua Road and Sianmin (Xianmin) Road, opposite the skating area.

I have no idea about prices, hours, etc.

thanks for your help. here’s what i’ve learned so far

You can go to notary-public.com.tw/index2en.htm

The cost of notarization depends on the kind of document it is, so Mr Chen suggested I fax it over first for him to quote.

I called Wonder Translation and they are very helpful and patient (patient because Sandy was willing to speak to me in English or Chinese; even though my Chinese started to falter with all my questions, she only switched languages whenever I did :slight_smile:)

I asked Sandy if her notary is the same as notary-public.com.tw – since they both are near 228 Park. This is a silly question since there are many notaries, and the chances of those two being the same is pretty slim

Anyway, I’ll talk to my partners about how to proceed. Thank you for all the help

Why would notarization have a different fee depending on the type of document? In the US, it only costs $2-3 per notary signature. It’s none of their business what type of document they’re notarizing. Their job is simply to verify that the signer is in fact that person.

Gus what type of document did you get notorized and what was the cost?

It is US$30 for notarization at AIT. You don’t have to wait that long if you come in at about 1:15.

I’ve done a little research on notarizations recently and I thought I might add a few things that might help. There might be a couple of ways for people in Taiwan to get their notarizations done in the US.

In the US, there’s also something called a “subscribing witness” notarization. You have can someone witness your signature and then you can have someone in the US swear in front of a notary that they know you and witnessed your signature. So if you have a good friend traveling to the US and doesn’t mind, this might be a more economical option. Keep in mind that this is a US notarization and is probably not valid in a Taiwan court, though it would probably be accepted by most other places.

Also, if you are traveling to the US yourself, you can get a notarization done in the US that is officially valid in a Taiwan court. After you get the document notarized, you have to go to the secretary of state’s office and request a certification with language specific to Taiwan, which they will give you for a fee. I think California is $25 or so, so you’re not really saving money this way.