automated/mechanical parking system


One property I saw has this instead of a classic underground garage with a dedicated parking space.

There are some 30 units in the building, and I am afraid there may be issues waiting during the morning rush.

Anyone else have this as well?



It’s fine, my previous place had one of those. Make sure you get out before 6:30 and you won’t have to wait at all. The locals tend to get up late.


6:30? :astonished:
what about 7:30/8:00 ish?


Not so sure. I am usually out at that time…

I wouldn’t think there’s a huge line every morning, but you might have to wait for the previous person to drive out. Your max. delay would be 5 mins or so.


I would suggest looking into another place. A lot of those garages with automated/elevator parking systems tend to have mechanical issues. It’s not often, but it does hit the news.

If you’re being transferred here on an expat package, I have to assume the company is giving you a high(er) budget for rental, which allows you to look at places with parking garages.


There are places that have these, didn’t maintain it and just shut it down.


Thank you all for your replies.

Ranlee, yes we have a decent budget, and every other property we have seen has had an underground garage with a dedicated parking spot. The place in question is fairly high-end, but this feature gives one pause for the reasons you and wafflestop mentioned.

Glad to hear rooftopclown has had a good experience with it, and props to getting up so early!


Is the apartment building high-end, but old? You don’t really hear auto parking systems and high end apartments go together nowadays. This is just from personal observation though.

Honestly, I would still stay way from it. Also, you got the budget for a parking garage, you should have the luxury of not waiting in line for your car in the AM.


Hi ranlee, I believe it is fairly new - completed in 2012 according to the agency. I checked the googlemaps street view history, and it shows an empty lot in 2009 and a construction site in 2011.


It looks like the metro runs underneath the land.
Could it be that because of this there was no space for a proper parking garage?


Don’t do it - they have frequent mechanical issues
Although these (probably) won’t damage your car, you might not be able to get it out for several hours while they fix the problem and clear the backlog.


The answers provided here helped us come to the conclusion to take this place off the list.

@taipei_sparks raised another concern on top of the daily inconvenience. You just know the parking machine will break when you can least afford to be late!


I had the same issues. Waiting for people to park and go. And every once in awhile, it would break down. the people who maintained it were good, and I found them out of desperation prior to a super typhoon arriving.


thanks for the info @Aikaili - that must’ve been frustrating.


There are different types of those systems, some better than others.

In my building, we have a 2 x 3 (with 4 spots wide) system - which also has two levels (one is under the other).

However, if your space is the one at the top, in the front row, you will always have access to your car as the only way you move is left and right. Even if it breaks down, no problem, you can drive straight on and off.