Autumn foliage?

or is the nearest orange/red/yellow leaf somewhere in Japan??

saw some in China last week…

Aowanda Forest Recreation Area is well known for maples. In Hsinchu and Miaoli county the gums and soapnuts tree leaves will start to change soon. Sheipa National Park. Taian. Etc. You just gotta get out of the subtropical zone.

Also if you want color look all over Taipei as the flowers of the flamegold tree are in bloom: yellow and red blooms all over.

Oh yeah, the obvious place: Red Leaf Park 紅葉公園 in Guanziling.

I noticed the leaves changing already in Ronxin Park trees, that’s in Minzhuan Road, downtown Taipei. Really pretty, too. I expect the temple mountain in Jinmei will alos have some nice views. Nothing as dramatic as Japan, but pretty, nevertheless.