Avatar questions

(I mean the animated pictures, not that cult Ju Mei-feng belonged to.)

I’d like to put in an avatar. Can anybody tell me in easy steps how to do it? For instance, if I find a webpage with a picture I like, how do I get the picture into the little box on the “profile” page?

Can avatars still be animated, or not?

Does it cost kuan-hsi (karma) to change the avatar regularly?

What rules are there for nudity, etc? I seem to remember a cartoon of two bugs copulating–is that sort of thing still kosher? What are the lower limits? :smiling_imp:

By the way, is there still a kuan-hsi lottery?

If you find a picture on a website you would like, right click on it, chose ‘properties’, then you can see the URL of the picture (drag over the address then press Ctrl+C) Then you can move to the little box on your profile and press Ctrl+V

That doesn’t work with all website, some won’t let you link from another website, (eg. pictures on Geosites can only be seen from a Geosites webpage) And with it not being your website, the picture might change or vanish without you knowing.

They can be animated gif’s, many are. I was going to say that Sandman’s is animated, but his is just freaking out.

As for the other questions, I’ll leave a mod to answer those, because I don’t know.

Thanks Matthew!

And how much k’ooahn-si would it cost to choose TongYong PinYin? Get them linguist types hopping mad…? :smiling_imp:

Why would you want to do that ?

Good reason

HA! I caught ya! No computer could have known to put (guanxi) in parentheses next to k’ooan-si (which rendering I just made up!) That means some poor human editor is sitting around CHANGING these things!

So tell me, O poor human editor–how much GUANXI will you take to change phonetic systems for either (a) myself, (b) someone else, or © everybody?

Let chaos reign!

Hang on a second… you mean you just figured this out NOW? After 50-odd posts?!? Well, then I’ve got news for you (hold on to your seat) – there are actually 17(!) of us human editors here. But we prefer to go by the title “moderator” :wink:

It’s a thankless job, no need to remind us of this

Now concerning your offer to change phonetic systems, talk to us in hard currency and we may have a deal for you. This Guanxi stuff is simply for the, well, forum.