Avatar - The prequel

Sounds like it would make a great movie. And otm, to boot. Link and intro below.

tomdispatch.com/post/175210/ … s_cameron/

[quote]…Michael Klare, TomDispatch regular, professor of peace and world security, and author most recently of Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet, has no track record whatsoever as a movie scriptwriter or a consultant to Hollywood. Nonetheless, he was among the earliest scholars to grasp that, when it came to energy, key industrial minerals, and water supplies, we were heading into a future that could well be filled with what, back in 2001, he prophetically called “resource wars” in his path-breaking book of the same name. “The inhabitants of planet Earth,” he wrote then, “have been blessed with a vast supply of most basic materials. But we are placing increased pressure on those supplies, and in some cases we face, in our lifetimes, or those of our children, the prospect of severe resource depletion.” How much clearer this possibility looks today as the prospects of a human-changed and possibly ravaged planet only grow stronger.

Like so many of us, Klare recently took a tour of distant Pandora and returned to Earth later that night with a clear sense of what the planet Jake Scully left behind for the Na’vi world must have been like deep into the twenty-second century. As he looks forward to the upcoming Oscars, he has a suggestion for James Cameron about what planet (and whose resources) that film director should next turn his new 3-D techniques on. [/quote]

Surely if its a prequel it should be in 2D? :slight_smile: