Avoid taiwanted due to SPAM

For the last 6 weeks I’ve been overwhelmed with SPAM emails via ‘Taiwanted’

TheY all use gmail accounts, and have the heading ‘Quote Request - Your Classified Ad’.

I deleted my ad a few weeks ago, but the spam is continuing.

I highly recommend avoiding Taiwanted until this part of the site is made more secure.


New Message
Hi jands,
You have been sent the following email from a visitor on our web site regarding your listing at Taiwanted.

Name: ayisejanas
Email: ayisejanas@gmail.com

(spam urls in email removed)

Listing URL: taiwanted.com/viewlisting.php?view=

Best regards,
Taiwanted Team

Hi jands

Thank you for reporting this problem. Would you forward one of the messages you receive to me at admin (at) forumosa.com? I’d like to have a closer look at the problem.

We are planning to change software platforms for Taiwanted. But I would still like to make sure this is a software matter and not something else


Sure, just deleted them all, but I am sure there will be another batch tomorrow.

Ok…just forwarded the two latest, to your email.

Thanks. I see what the problem is - spammers are replying to your ad with a bunch of links, hoping that you’ll click on them. Thanks very much for the feedback. I think we’ll have to add a layer of security to replies, maybe using captcha or something like that.

[quote=“jands”]For the last 6 weeks I’ve been overwhelmed with SPAM emails via ‘Taiwanted’

ESL99 are also assholes for doing that. You can “unsubscribe” 100 times and they’ll keep spamming. You can tell them to “f*** off” and they’ll keep spamming you.

The best thing to do (for any site, really, but especially those in Taiwan) is register with a throwaway email address and save your good addresses for personal contacts.