B12 prescription?

did you need prescription for b12 in Taiwan ? And if it’s any recommendations of a clinic to get , I need cuz I’m vegan thanks

I take a B-Complex by a brand called Watanabe. You can get it anywhere here without a prescription. 0.25mg of B12. It’s Japanese so may be better than some local brands. They also sell Thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2) and B9 as standalones.

If anyone knows a better widely available B Complex please say.

B12 injections, only about 10% of orally taken B12 is absorbed from supplements. You can get b12 amples of 1000mg of b12 at any pharmacy. You can get a 25g needle use intramuscular injection from a 1in needle depending on your bf%. If you are more than 16-18%bf, you might need a 1.5 in needle.

Do you have to get a prescription from a Dr for the injection, or does the pharmacist just hand it to you (or give it to you)? I’d love to have one.

pharmacy can just give it to you.

Well, damn. I’m gonna try that out!

I just find this amazing! I’m going to go by before work and see if I can get one. There’s no need for a dr to say you need one? I guess no dangers in getting one.

Just in case you didn’t already know, there’s no need to do daily injections. Your body stores B12 for awhile. I do B12 injections twice a month.

Injection tips: I do it IM (intra-muscular) - no need to do it IV (intravenous). If you’re not experienced at self-injection, Google “intramuscular” for tips on how-to. Takes some will power to inject youself - helps to have a spouse/lover who is willing to shoot you in the ass rather than DIY. Better pharmacies stock the B12 ampules, which seem to all be imported from Japan. You can buy across the counter the ampules as well as 3cc needle/syringe kits. Also get the box with the alcohol pads to sterilize the injection site.

As for the need to actually do this - in my case, I’ve had intestinal surgery 3 times, and the part of my intestine that absorbs B12 has been removed. I can eat B12-rich foods all day and take vitamin pills, to no avail.

Certainly not everybody needs to do B12 injections. But if you’re B12 deficient, then yes it’s not a bad idea. This is a really important vitamin. Vegetarians (and particularly vegans) can easily suffer a B12 deficiency. The consequences range from feeling tired all the time to suffering actual nerve damage.


Great post! Also, several people told me that pharmacies WON"T give out the ampules without a dr’s script. I can def do my own injection (I used to be a nurse many years ago). I know I’m deficient without having the bloodwork, and I know the pills don’t absorb into the body as well. I’m also weaning off Effexor (poison) so B12 is supposed to be great for energy and mood stability (two things that are a major side symptom of coming off of Effexor and make it almost unbearable). I’m thinking of going by a pharmacy and asking anyway–worst thing they can say is no. Not like I’m asking for–oh no–and OPIOID! If I need to, I can just see my acupuncturist and then get a script from him at the same time. Thanks so much for the great info!

i’ve literally walked in to multiple pharmacies and got it no problem, you do not need a prescription for it.

I’m going to try that today. How much is it on average?

very cheap, around 200nt for 10 amps

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Well I need to know what pharmacy you go to because the ones here are
telling me I have to go to the doctor. This sucks.

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try another one, i’ve been to multiple pharmacies and never had an issue. The ones behind cathy general hospital all sell them. I get various pharmaceuticals from there, i think they are more willing to give stuff out as theres 10 pharmacies right next to each other so any business they will take. I even use that to my advantage and say the other shop sells it for this price even if it’s not true and they will lower it in most cases.

Guess it doesn’t hurt to try to ask them all. Not like I’m asking for an
opioid. Maybe someone will come off of one but they are acting like they
don’t even carry it. Sure would be nice to find a pharmacy that’s willing
to sell whatever though.

Maybe someone will come off of one
but they are acting like they don’t even carry it.

That’s true, many pharmacies don’t carry it. It’s not like buying vitamin pills in a bottle, the market for injectable vitamins is small. You have to go to one of the bigger pharmacies. But no prescription necessary. Ditto for the needle/syringe kits - in Taiwan at least, it’s no problem.

I thought I went to the biggest one here in Chupei because they seem to
carry everything. Maybe it’s just not in this city. Maybe it’s more common
in Taipei.

Some pharmacies are willing to order stuff for you. But that’s the better type of pharmacy, employing real pharmacists. Not the mom & pop places that sell Panadol and band-aids.

I can’t say much about Chupei. I’m not even sure where that is…

…OK, I looked it up. Near Hsinchu city. You should definitely be able to buy it there. I can’t advise you myself, I’m way down south.

Anybody here live in Hsinchu and can recommend a pharmacy?

Let me just ask you are experts advice in this. Is it worth all this
trouble to get to help with my lack of energy, depression, mood swings and
withdrawals from weaning off of Effexor which causes major mood swings.

Thank you. I even stopped by a few dr’s clinics to ask about the
injections, and they said they don’t give them, that I’d have to go to the
hospital! Something just doesn’t make any sense here. I will be in Taipei
in a few weeks, and, I could be wrong, but perhaps the pharmacies there are
a lot more advanced and progressive? I mean, buy birth control pills OTC
all the time here, but one time went and the pharmacist said I can’t have
them without a prescription. I tried to explain to her I’d been getting
them and she said no. Then yelled across the store if I would like some
condoms! I’m not even sure what a “professional” pharmacy should be be like
here in Taiwan. Everything’s a hit or miss. (Had a pharmacist tell me also
I absolutely could NOT get diphenhydramine without a script once). What
happened to the days when you could even get any benzo OTC around here?