Baby food availability

Hi, :help:

Our baby boy is neraly 7 months old and he’s been on solids for about 5 weeks now. He loves most kinds of fruit, fromage frais, youghurts… anything sweet. I’ve spent ages in the kichen trying to make lots of different dishes for him but he would not eat anything! The only savour stuff he likes are those baby food jars (e.g. Hipp). I must say, they are much easier to use than cooking… We’re moving to Taipei in about 3 weeks and I’m panicking about what he’ll eat there!!!

My questions - Does anyone know if baby food jars are available in Taipei? And if so, where can I get them. And are they all in Chinese? Yoghurts??

Thanks for your help. [/b]

Yes, baby food jars are available in any wellcome or baby store. It is also very easy to buy fresh, ripe fruit or steam veggies and puree it for a second in the blender.

And the baby food jars are ones like HIPP and Gerber and usually have English as well as Chinese on them, and pictures, too. I remember it being about 40TWD for a jar and they have specials sometimes like buy 5 get one free.

Wellcome is a supermarket chain here. There is also Carrefour which will be cheaper but you have to buy more at a time. Once you know where you are living, people can give directions to your nearest baby store.

One thing people have a hard time finding is the hard “rusk” baby biscuits. The ones here tend to be softer. So if you plan on giving your baby those when he/she starts teething, you might want to bring a few over. (Don’t bring too many, my baby didn’t finish the two boxes I brought and they were kind of heavy.)

My son never had any of that stuff. I couldn’t find anything but a couple fruits anyway. I just steemed and pureed whatever we were eating and he loved it! If you think he needs the sweeter taste, mayb add in some flavored yogurt. I used to add plain yogurt so lots of things to help with the textures. DON’T ever use HONEY to sweeten your baby’s foods–just a tip.

Yes, a blender is the way to go. Unless you are making buckets of cash, then go ahead and drop the money for imported blended carrots for your kid. We blended, sure it was work, but after all by 12 months you can just give them stuff from your takeout.

As for yoghurts, you can get yoplait here in basic flavours at wellcome. My son loves them. I have seen the hippo jars at Jasons Market, for up to NT$65, depending on the size of the jar. There is also gerber brand and a ?japanese brand.

My son spent a few weeks on purees, then i introduced slightly lumpier foods. After about two months I started doing Baby Led Solids. Try googling it. It basically just means offering the baby the same foods you eat, within reason. This means still avoiding foods that can break into hard chokable bits, like raw apples, but offering normal foods, rather than mush. On of the first things my son loved was steamed broccoli trees, pumpkin and potato chunks, and bananas. It has made living here much easier knowing that he is not dependant on a certain brand of pureed mush, but is happy to have real food.

Hope that helps.