Baby formula brands

Hi there,
We are about to move to Taiwan in about 3months and wanted to know what brands of baby formula are there available in Taipei? where are they produced?
any info will be much appreciated

What are you using now. Giving you a list of every formula here would cover mny pages. I am sure that most formulas are available here in some form or the other. IF you come here you might need to bring one tin of the old formula with you if you want to change to another.
I use “Snow”. It is a Japanese brand. With the quake and tsunami tragedy, the whole family here wanted us to change to avoid radiation. There was no need, since it is manufactured in Australia. They were very impressed by my deep sense of perception. The only reason I knew this was because I laughed at the name thinking “They manufacture snow in the Aussie desert”. What’s the world coming to?
I use this shop.

Thank you for your answer. Do you know if there are any organic baby formulas available?
something like this:

If you have a name we can check it out and see if its close

Nothing that I am aware of but you are probably not asking the most clued up person.