Baby suffocated at Neihu daycare

A friend of ours lost her son early this week because he was suffocated by the so-called caregiver who thought pinning him to the ground facedown would be an appropriate way to get him to sleep. The daycare subsequently acted in a shameful manner, the caregiver was released on bail of NT$30k and has now gone incommunicado.

The mother has asked that the story be shared in an effort to raise awareness of this tragedy. There’s a growing wave in the Chinese-speaking online community that seeks change so I hope that her story won’t simply become last week’s news without SOMETHING positive coming from it.

Mother’s post:

The story in English on Taiwan News:

The child’s mother has collected all the news items together under one Facebook page called “The story of my child at Taiwan’s largest daycare chain”.

Most of the information is in Mandarin. I believe/hope she will be moving toward pushing for change in Taiwan to prevent repetitions of such terrible tragedies, as well as providing updates on the legal situation in her own case.

If you can, please share the page with your friends - especially your Taiwanese friends.


Simply horrible. I cannot and won’t even try to imagine the pain and horror the child’s family is going through. The care center should be shut down and everyone responsible held accountable.

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Murder no less

In the States she could possibly be charged with murder. In Taiwan it’s manslaughter (negligent homicide?) and the maximum penalty is what? Five years?

Which daycare centre operator is it?


Approximately 80 percent of all infant deaths that are due to injury are related to the infant’s sleep position and environment. These deaths, commonly referred to as sleep-related, are also among the most preventable. These guidelines should be followed:

  • Always place your baby to sleep on her back
  • Your baby should sleep in a safety-approved crib near your bed. Sleeping in the same room as your baby (sometimes referred to as room-sharing) is recommended; sleeping on the same surface as your baby (sometime referred to as bed-sharing) is not recommended.
  • Breastfeeding mothers should place their baby back into her crib before going to sleep
  • Nothing but your baby should be in the crib (no pillows, blankets, bumpers or other soft objects)
  • Cribs should have a firm mattress with a fitted sheet only
  • No smoking around your baby

You know the parents?? My wife showed me this story as it’s national news now. I can’t imagine the utter emotional devastation your friend is going through. Condolences aren’t sufficient.

And stories like these are why my wife and I are so reluctant to put our toddler in a daycare. The monster who suffocated the poor kid should be shot.

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this case, the baby was pressed by the caregiver.

Mine was a more general warning.

Why should the care enter be shut down, unless there was a systematic problem

If a nanny can suffocate an 11 month old to death with another nanny in the room and CCTV in operation and the baby is not discovered until the cook tries to wake him for lunch there’s a fucking systematic fucking problem.


Well said @SuperS54 . I’m sure this is not the first time the “caregiver” has subdued a baby like this in plain view. If the center does not know that you don’t do this to any living creature, then they should not be in business and share the guilt.

Looks to me like they are sleeping, I Think the nanny fell asleep on top of the kid

Maybe someone can post entire video ?

If I’m not mistaken, the nanny is suspected of negligent homicide

Well said.



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Yes, so why ?

I’m all for shutting it down if there is a systemic problem. But, is there ?

The question was if it was intentional. Adults must not sleep with babies because moms have been known to crush their kids by accident.

This is murder. I’m so glad I decided not to give mine in childcare. I know many parents don’t have other option…so sad…

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Wow. They low balled the bail.

This person should rot in prison for life.
What a cruel way to kill a toddler just because couldn’t handle the stress.