Babysitter (8-9 hours) per day in Zhonghe, New Taipei City

Dear all
We do not have any experience of hiring a babysitter in Taiwan.
Our baby boy (9 months old) will need to be taken care during day-time of every working days (Mon to Fri)
We are investigating options for that but it seems there is not so much information
What is the pay range (per hour, per month)?
How to find one?
Is it normal to hire someone for a relatively short period (i.e. 4 months) off the record, or is there some strict policy?
We see a lot of caregivers in our area (to take care of elderly men/women). Can we find someone similar for the babysitter job?
Could you share with us your experiences and also advice?
we live in Zhonghe, New Taiwpei city area
Thank you so much!

There should be pre kindy day care centres that cater for babies near you. Probably around 15k a month.

Thank you for the information. We will find about that option too

8-9 hours a day is not babysitting, you’ll need to professional carer i.e. a nanny.

Yes there are professional nannies in Taiwan, they’re usually retired nurses. Cost will be 20-30k per month.

The Indonesian and Filipino caregivers you have seen are only legally allowed to care for elderly people, not babies.

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I’m a french woman who just arrived in Taipei for 1 year (working holiday visa). I would be interested in some babysitting. Please send me a message if you’re still looking for someone.

Fyi, you need a proper credential to do babysitting “legally” [added] in Taiwan.

I resisted remarking @tando :zipper_mouth_face: :frowning_face:

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Very well-restrained, sir. I also had to walk away from the PC.

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You need to quote the right poster, squire.

I don’t think you need to be, but your legally supposed to be.

childcare service registration certificate

Article 26 of The Protection of Children and Youths Welfare and Rights Act

Family childcare services agencies will apply for registration to authorized municipal agencies and county (city) governments before offering their services.
A family childcare services agency shall not be aged below twenty and shall be qualified for one of the following terms:

  1. Obtain the technician certificate for a childcare provider.
  2. Graduate from relevant courses, divisions, departments, and institutes, and major in infant and child care at senior high school.
  3. Complete required professional training courses for childcare provider, with certificate of completion.

Registration and Management Regulations for Family Childcare Services Agencies

people don’t need to be extremely careful in Taiwan comparing to other countries, but knowing certain activities are legal or illegal is within the range of usual carefulness, imo.

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I think you should ask yourself if it’s going to be worth it tbh. 40+ hours a week paying a full time sitter/nanny. You need to make sure in the end it will be beneficial on your end, ie; you make enough to pay someone a full time wage and then have money to spare.

Not to mention leaving your 9mo with a stranger all day. School is different, but a random off the street or out the phone book, id watch out.

Hi MaryonnB.
Are you still interested in a babysitting ?