My mother-in-law suddenly bailed on us. We have to find a babysitter in the next few months. Near Danshui. Long term babysitter, as in while Mom and I are at work.

Uh-oh. You might want to find some daycare facility near your home (or work) where they accept infants instead. The kindergarten where we take my daughter (I know, is in Da-An and too far from you, but take it as an example) has infants from 0-2 years old, and they have a lot of caretakers, a cook who makes the food there, and even a nurse should something happen. We crunched the numbers, and even being expensive, the cost was almost the same as having a nanny just half of the day, and it includes food (not formula milk). They also have much more toys than you could possibly have at home.

Also, your wife might consider to take the baby leave for 6 months, which would allow her to take care of your son those first 6 months and that would give you more time to find something else (and make it easier to find a suitable place, since your son would be 6 months older and not a newborn).

If she takes the 6 months, her salary will be cut down, but depending on the cost of the nanny, it could be even better, since you wouldn’t need one.