Backend Online Multiplayer Game Developer (Avail for Consulting/Architecture)

:wave: Hi folks, I’m an experienced, senior backend developer for PC games on Steam. I specialize in online multiplayer. I’m currently contracted for development (I’m not available full-time), but I am still available for consulting or high-level architecture (few hours at a time)!

New Project

  1. Online Multiplayer Architecture: Where do I even start?
  2. BaaS, DGS… What should I use for both realtime and persistent data?
  3. Authoritative vs Client-Side?
  4. How to collaborate with other developers/artists?
  5. What I did right vs what I did wrong: What I wish I knew when I first started.


  1. Microtransactions.
  2. Integrations with Unity: Steam, Discord, Epic Games, your own hosted API, etc
  3. Automated Matchmaking.
  4. Quest Systems (Dailies).
  5. Friends System (with invites, prestige info, etc).
  6. Rich Presence (your in-game status presented to others).
  7. Discord community and bots.


Isn’t it nice when prices are clearly listed ahead of time?

  • High-level Unity Architecture: $85/hr.
  • Consulting: $200/hr, min 2 hrs (I’ll save you thousands).


Note: I have bare minimal experience with Unreal - Vast experience with Unity.

I assume these are Taiwan dollars?

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Surely American dollars and if he is as good as he says, he deserves that and more.

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