Bacon & Biscuit

Bacon & Biscuit (aka Donny & Marie ) are looking for a forever home together. They are brother and sister and can’t bear to be apart. This super sweet duo will keep eachother busy during the day when you are at work, and they’ll be around for cuddles and play time at night. If you would like to meet Bacon & Biscuit, email for more details.

Bacon & Biscuit BEFORE

man, you guys did a heckuva job nursing them back to health! keep up the good work!

Bacon & Biscuit are still looking for a loving home! Come down to BARK’s FINAL Pet Adoption Day tomorrow if you’d like to meet them!

Bacon has gone on a trial adoption. He seems to be doing well as an only cat, so far. He gets ALL the attention from ALL the humans in the house :o) Paws crossed!

Biscuit has just found a loving home in the USA! Her former foster mommy put word out on Facebook and her mother adopter Biscuit! She’s leaving on a jet plane Dec 7th. :slight_smile:

And Bacon’s trial adoption has been upgraded to furever home :slight_smile: