Bad Boy Bill, John Digweed and Richard Humpty Vision

When will peeps catch on? Will these artists ever come to Taiwan?

I love Carl Cox and in spite of what certain users on this site may think of electonic music; the feeling can be and is conveyed during a live set.

These break beat funksters are some of the best talent ever.

I was working at Guvernment in Toronto and free of any chemical influence at the time and when I was watching Bad Boy Bill spin on 4!..4! turntables I was amazed. I’d love to see the deeper levels of appreciation for this music and not just the top soil of drugs.

John Digweed is at Luxy on the 6th of May.

Are you serious?

I met Carl Cox many years back in Toronto. Nice guy.

Is he still spinning?

I remember once at a party I saw Cut Creator (Former LL Cool J DJ) spin on 4 tables with the assistance of Freaky Flow. It was awesome.