Bad Omen, Bad Karma?

Similar to the thread about burning ghost money and the damage to the environment…

So, today, I saw someone burning a big bucket of Ghost Money, but… apparently, the wind must have caught a big hunk of it and carried it over to the offering table…

Needless to say, the plastic table cloth was burned to a crisp on one side, it appears a bunch of the food given as offerings was also singed, and the smoke was so thick (from the plastic I am sure which I notice a number of people still walking around with plastic bags… but again I digress that is in the plastic bag thread) passers by were gagging.

Would this be bad Karma to burn up your offering to the Ghost Gods? Bad Omen and foretelling of a bad crop year? Piss off Grandpa so that he will come back and haunt you?

As they say, enquiring minds want to know.

Then why start a new one? The old thread is here.

Then why start a new one? The old thread is here.[/quote]

Because, Sharky’s question may remind us of the other thread that discussed whether the practice of burning temple money should be banned, however, Sharky asks a different, specific new question, i.e., whether an accidental burning of the food offered on an alter/table is a bad omen or bad karma. This query would be off topic on the old thread.

Thus, the question is appropriate for the Culture & History section of this site, and that, I believe, is why Sharky did not post in the old thread.


Yup, Tigerman is correct. I would be interested in the take on the unintended burning of the offerings… would it be seen as a bad omen, or just oh well, lets just go out and do it again…

Second speaker for the negetive please come to the chair :wink: